12 Step Program


You’re not alone… there is help out there for your ride…


We’ve all been there. You notice that your bike is starting to miss a shift here and there. You don’t think much about it. First it’s one or two missed shifts a day. Then, it starts missing a lot of shifts every day. You surround yourself with other guys who have bikes that miss shifts just like yours – just to make it seem ok. Maybe your transmission is starting to drip oil, too. Initially, maybe it’s just a couple of drops. You just kind of rub it into the ground with your boot, hoping it will just go away and nobody will notice.


Next, it’s a few more drops. Pretty soon you’ve got a full fledged leak goin’ on and you’re parking your bike on newspaper, but you’re always changing the paper and throwing it away so your bros don’t see it. Let’s face it buddy: your bike has got a problem. You can just keep going on denying it, or get the ol’ girl some help.


Thankfully, for bikes like yours, we’ve just introduced the BAKER 12 Step Remanufacturing Program. We can repair or completely remanufacture your existing BAKER or Big Dog transmission with original BAKER parts. We can also repair or completely remanufacture your H-D transmission with your choice of O.E.M. H-D or BAKER parts.


Depending on the age or condition of your transmission you may decide to upgrade with a DD5, DD6, or OD6 builder’s kit; the choice is yours. The transmission technicians at BAKER Drivetrain are the most knowledgeable in the V-Twin world and at $50/hr shop rate we offer the best value in the business.


Our 12 step program includes:
1. Inspect and receive incoming packaged transmission from a worried owner like yourself
2. Unpack said transmission
3. Disassemble components
4. Clean and detoxify
5. Inspect components
6. Diagnose
7. Review options with owner as there are different ways to cure what’s happening with your bike
8. Reassemble with new BAKER or Genuine H-D components
9. Bench test
10. Complete written report – here’s proof that your tranny is finally clean, and ready to ride
11. Pack it up like new
12. Ship back to owner


Don’t worry, we’ll be discreet. You and your bike are the only ones who have to know………so get with the program!


Call us and we can talk it over with you. 1-877-640-2004

Ron Mercurio’s Roland Sands Designs Bike Rendering


The story goes like this, Roland Sands Design (RSD) and Bell Helmets put together a contest to reward one lucky person with the ultimate bike rebuild. It was ultimately won by Ron Mercurio, an ex-Navy Seal who had a 1987 FXR that was the perfect canvas for Roland & Crew to work their magic. They approached us at this years V-Twin Expo in Cincinatti to get involved and rebuild the stock, worn out, transmission. This project started out like most, a modest rebuild; make sure it was in proper working order and freshen up all of the seals, bearing and snap rings. Machine in a provision for a modern electronic speedo pick-up, black powdercoat the case, re-assemble and happily ever after Ron ride’s off into the sunset. During the tear down at RSD, the all too common,  thin cross section main drive gear bearing landing cracked. There goes the simple and easy plan…


Cameron over at RSD got on the phone with Delkron and got one of their replacement cases and modern style inner primary. The transmission case was set up for a modern EVO era starter, so we gladly shifted gears and swapped out the tapered mainshaft for a modern style splined piece. Cameron got the new Delkron case powdercoated gloss black to match the motor, one thing lead to another and and we were sending out a billet BAKER 5 speed bearing door and Forged BAKER top cover for gloss black anodizing. We then machined in our BAKER Direct Drive 5 Speed logo on top of the anodizing to give a real American Hero (Ron) the transmission he deserves. We topped off the transmission with a BAKER stainless shift lever, all new polished bolts thru out and shipped the transmission back with the stock side cover as Roland is going to install one of their black anodized hydraulic side covers. Our guys did a bang up job putting it together and turned it around to California in short order, like usual. Check out the video below for the full build up of the freshened up gearset, new case, door and top cover. It really came out awesome. You can also see the ‘before’ pictures when it was still in the bike. We have the rendering from RSD and will post the pictures of the finished bike when we get them.


From mild to wild, a nice freshen up of your stock gearbox, a cut no corners trick out job, or anywhere in the middle. We can do it, right!


Stock 1987 FXR Transmission Left Side

Stock 1987 FXR Transmission, Right Side

Rebuilt 1987 FXR Transmission, Left Side

Rebuilt 1987 FXR Transmission, Right Side



When Vincent Stemp’s Sportster Transmission needed a little attention, he sent it on over to BAKER to be placed through our 12-Step Program. Read the full story here, and see how it worked for him.



Ironworks Garage: Baker Drivetrain’s 12 Step Program



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