4 Speed Pulleys and Sprockets


Sprockets & Pulley


BAKER offers 2 steel sprockets and a steel pulley for our 4-Speed products.


BAKER 4 Speed & 6N4 Sprocket


Our 4-Speed & 6-INTO-4 sprockets are designed to work with 530 & 530 O-Ring style chains.


PN 23T-64A, 23 Tooth Sprocket
PN 23T-6469A, 23 Tooth Sprocket for 1965-1969 BAKER 4-Speeds
PN 24T-64A, 24 Tooth Sprocket
PN 24T-6469A, 24 Tooth Sprocket for 1965-1969 BAKER 4-Speeds












6-INTO-4 Belt Pulley

33 Tooth Belt Pulley

Covert that 6-INTO-4 from chain to belt with our 33 tooth pulley. Made out of 1045 steel and then hardened to perfection.


PN 32181S-A, 33 Tooth Pulley Assembly.


33 Tooth Pulley Fits BAKER 6-INTO-4 Only, compatible with modern secondary drive belts.










BAKER Spline Information

Our 4-Speed and 6-INTO-4 transmission sprockets and pulleys are based off of the early 5-Speed 6 tooth straight spline from 1980-84. This spline is larger than a stock 4-Speed style spline. Why did we adopted this larger spline? Using a larger spline gave us the ability to run caged needle bearings inside of the main drive gear. Stock 4-Speed main drive gears use a brass bushing instead of bearings. This bushing wears over time and causes a major transmission leak.


Images below show the difference between our spline & a stock style 6 tooth spline

BAKER 4-Speed & 6-INTO-4 Sprocket Spline

Stock 4-Speed Style Sprocket Spline



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