5-Speed Marketing Statement


Ever been to a motorcycle salvage yard? You’ll find dirt bikes, old crotch rockets, quads, and maybe snowmobiles, but no Harleys. Why? Because they are coveted highly prized possessions. You’ll have a better chance of finding an old girlfriend or ex-wife stuffed in a parts bin at a motorcycle junkyard than finding a Harley. Owners of American motorcycles take care of them, have life experiences with them, and grow old with them.


When Harley introduced the Cruise Drive 6-speed in 2007, they legitimized everything we’ve been doing since 1998. Until Harley introduced their 6-speed, there were those that doubted the virtues of having a highway cruising gear. A 6-speed gives you that next gear that you’re always looking for on the highway at 75mph with a significant RPM reduction, reduced vibrations, reduced wear and tear (on motor and rider), and increased fuel economy.


When we started back in 1998, we unwittingly developed the template for all future BAKER products. That is, we take the drivetrain that the factory offers and make it better, a lot better. That’s our job and we’re damn good at it. And every time Harley implements one of our ideas it validates the fact that we’re doing the right thing.


BAKER features American made drivetrain components for any 5-speed Big Twin built between 1984 and 2006. Bring your bike into the 21st century with our DD6 or OD6 or send your bike back to the days before Hitler invaded Poland with a 1936-based F5K kicker kit. Or have both 6-speed and kicker with a Frankentranny. Is your stock clutch sucking wind? Check out the King Kong Clutch and 9-plate Street Performance Clutch. Got a vertically challenged inseam (short legs like me) and tired of backing up your 800 lb dresser? We’ve got our new F5R bolt on reverse kit to back you up. And if your tranny fell off the wagon, we can re-build your stock unit with our 12-step program. Drivetrains are what we do and we know our shit hands down. We are Americans making American-made drivetrain products for American motorcycles.


The components we offer for the Harley Davidson® drivetrain aftermarket are now broken up into 4 catalogs: Cruise Drive era (2007-later), 5-speed era (1984-2006), 4-speed era (1936-86), and Custom/Performance (includes Big Dog and Sportster/Buell). All four catalogs are available in hard copy or can be downloaded from our website. Each catalog is technically informative, includes some reference pricing, and should provide the information necessary to improve the performance of your American V-Twin. If, after reading up on our parts here online or in a catalog, you still have questions then give our experienced tech or sales staff a call at (877) 640-2004 or send an Email to info@BAKERdrivetrain.com.








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