Attitude Chain Adjuster

Attitude Chain Adjuster Cover


P/N 177-67K

Attitude Chain Adjuster Installed


The Attitude Chain Adjuster solves the issues associated with the stock auto chain tensioner on 2006-Later Dyna & 2007-Later Softail/ Touring models. The first moment the chain has enough slack into it to ratchet the shoe up another notch, and thus tightening the chain, it will. One notch tighter  might not be an issue, but you don’t have any control of when this mechanism stops tightening the chain. The end result in many cases is the primary chain is so tight that it will start wearing out left side motor case bearings, inner primary bearings, clutch hub bearings and transmission output gear bearings.  Our manual chain tensioner allows you to adjust the chain to the proper 5/8-7/8″ (cold) freeplay, and never have to worry about the chain getting too tight. We offer this chain adjuster for fitment with stock outer primary covers, as well as a package deal with the Bully Primary Cover.


-Chain shoe machined from Nylon 66
-Active Plate and Back Support Plate investment cast with 4130 steel
-28% finer teeth spacing (compared to 2001-06 chain adjusters) for more accurate adjustments
-Chain adjustment method same as 2001-06 style stock ‘L’Bracket’ adjusters.


Dynojet Torque Readings

Stock VS. BAKER Attitude Adjuster
– Increase torque by 3.42 ft/lbs
– Reduces primary noise
– Improves motor bottom end and inner primary race bearing durability


Fits 2006-Later Dyna Models

Fits 2007-Later Softail/ Touring Models


PN 177-67K    Attitude Chain Adjuster Kit


BAKER Attitude Adjuster Installation Instructions: Click Here






Ever since 2007 I have noticed that the FL primary/primary chains were making more noise than ever before. Could it be the added stroke of the new 96 or 110? Even my very reliable 124 and 131 builds were making more noise? So what the hell is it?? Why is the chain  Banjo tight, then on other bikes it is loose??? Through a lot of process of eliminations I started to look real hard at HD’s “auto tensioner”  I realized that being lazy gets you nowhere. The primary chain is meant to be checked and adjusted if necessary. That’s why I install BAKERS ATTITUDE ADJUSTER in all my builds. All my customers are happy and relieved that the noise in their primary is gone!!!


Rob Schopf

Rob Schopf with the Attitude Adjuster








To The Good People at Baker,

I ride a 2009 Harley Street Glide, and recently I have noticed excessive noise from my primary chaincase. I have read horror stories about the harley auto tensioner making the primary chain too tight and began to suspect this was the problem. Since I live in Michigan I hopped on my bike, made the trip to Baker Drivetrain, about an hour ride, and purchased the Attitude adjuster. On my way home I began to hear screeching at times, but since I was only a couple miles from home I continued on, probably not a good decision on my part. When I arrived home I immediately took the Primary cover off, and the first thing I checked was the primary chain, tight as a banjo string. I installed the Baker attitude adjuster according to the instructions that came in the packaging, reassembled, and was back on the road in about two hours. Would have been less time, but the screeching was the shaft on the comp sprocket that discolored from excessive the heat due to the tight chain. luckily it was not damaged, only discolored, and it cleaned up nicely with steel wool. My advice to anyone thinking about replacing that auto tensioner with the Baker would be to do it now! That auto tensioner can only tighten the chain, it will not loosen the chain, and I was not far from catastrophic damage. My bike shifts better, rolls easier, runs cooler, and is quieter than when it was new. Thanks for the great product. And it’s even made in the U.S.A. imagine that. This was the best $200.00 that I could have spent on my bike.













Thank You,

Steve Stokes



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