Bully Primary Cover

The Bully Primary Cover will add the style and cool factor to your 2007 & later Touring model that the stock primary cover could not. With the introduction of the stock 6 speed on the 2007 Touring models also came a completely new primary assembly. This new primary design got smoother and thus more boring than the previous version.  Being the biggest single piece of architecture on the left side of the motorcycle, it is just begging to be upgraded and replaced.  Having cut our teeth on many designs using our Function Formed cues, we set out to make the primary cover assembly wrap the essential function components of the primary.  We added a motor sprocket cover, inspection and what we call the bellhousing around the clutch to break up the large mushy surface area of the stock unit. Adding separate covers also opens up the possibilities when it comes to customizing the aesthetics to meet your demands.

– All parts machined from 6061-T6 billet

– Direct bolt-on in place of the stock outer primary cover

– Comes standard as a complete outer primary cover assembly, including derby cover

– Clears all stock dimensionally equivalent clutches, chain tensioners and compensating sprockets

– Polished stainless steel fasteners standard

– Inspection Cover design for use with Attitude Manual Chain Adjuster Kit

– Stock fitting derby covers will bolt right up to the bellhousing

– Greatly reduces primary chain, clutch and compensator sprocket related noise.

– Bully Derby Cover available for stock, 1999-later 5 hole derby cover, Big Twin models

– Motor sprocket and bellhousing bolt to outer primary plate with blind threaded holes, no leaks

– Includes outer primary gasket, inspection cover gasket and derby cover rubber o-ring

– Backed by a 2 yr limited warranty

Primary Cover Finish Options
The Bully Primary Cover comes in 3 different finishes, with the additional option of machined highlights on Wrinkle Black and Gloss Black Powdercoated versions.


Wrinkle Black, Highlight Machined

Gloss Black




Attitude Chain Adjuster In Bully Primary

Attitude Chain AdjusterOne of the big differences in the function of the Bully Primary cover when compared to the stock unit, is the inclusion of an inspection cover. With the stock auto adjust chain tensioner assembly installed, this inspection cover will never need to be removed. We included an inspection cover because we also offer a convention manual adjust chain tensioner. The Attitude Chain Adjuster solves the issues associated with the stock auto tensioner. The first moment the chain has enough slack into it to ratchet the shoe up another notch, and thus tightening the chain, it will. One notch tighter  might not be an issue, but you don’t have any control of when this mechanism stops tightening the chain. The end result in many cases is the primary chain is so tight that it will start wearing out left side motor case bearings, inner primary bearings, clutch hub bearings and transmission output gear bearings.  Our manual chain tensioner allows you to adjust the chain to the proper 5/8-7/8″ (cold) freeplay, and never have to worry about the chain getting too tight. The 28% finer teeth spacing, as compared to the 2001-06 ‘L-Bracket’ style, allows more accurate adjustments. We offer this chain adjuster for fitment with stock outer primary covers, as well as a package deal with the Bully Primary Cover.Bully Primary Cover Kit Part Numbers

PN Description Fitment
BLY-60008C-67 Primary Kit, Hog Black w/ Highlights 2007-Later Touring
BLY-60009C-67 Primary Kit, Gloss Black w/ Highlights 2007-Later Touring
BLY-60001C-67 Primary Kit, Chrome 2007-Later Touring
BLY-60005C-67 Primary Kit, Gloss Black 2007-Later Touring
BLY-60003C-67 Primary Kit, Hog Black 2007-Later Touring




Bully Derby Cover

Bully Derby Cover Kit

The Bully Primary Cover kit comes with the derby cover you see pictured on this page. A good looking part that will set off any style that you rock. We decided early on when developing this primary cover to make sure that the stock bolt pattern and diameter of the Derby Cover was maintained. So that you people could put their own special derby cover on our primary cover, or such that someone could buy just our Bully Derby Cover Kit and bolt it on their stock outer primary.  Part numbers and fitment are listed below.  (Click on the picture of the Bully Derby Cover to learn more)



PN Description Fitment
602-BLY Derby Cover Kit, Stock Primary, Chrome 1999-Later, Big Twin
603-BLY Derby Cover Kit, Stock Primary, Wrinkle Black w/ Highlights 1999-Later, Big Twin


Bully Primary Cover Recommended Upgrades

– Attitude Chain Adjuster

– Heavy Duty Throwout Bearing Kit

– Cruise Drive Pulleys

– Cruise Drive Sprockets

– Cruise Drive Hydraulic Side Cover

– +1 Quart Oil Pan (2007-2008 FLH/ FLT Models)

– +1.5 Quart Oil Pan (2009-Later FLH/ FLT Models)

– Inner Primary High Torque Bearing Kit (2007 Big Twin)


Click on any of the images below to learn more

Attitude Chain Adjuster

Heavy Duty Throwout Bearing Kit

Cruise Drive Pulleys

Cruise Drive Sprockets

Cruise Drive Side Cover

+1 Qt Oil Pan

+1.5 Qt Oil Pan

High Torque Bearing Kit


Recommended Fluid / Level Picking the right primary fluid ensures the life and durability of your primary, that’s why BAKER recommends a 85W primary oil.  BAKER does not recommend the use of Syn3 (20W-50). For Bert’s article on ‘Oil & Spiders’ Click HereBAKER Bully Primary Cover Fluid Capacity Dry: 38-45 fl-ozBAKER Bully Primary Cover Installation Instructions: Click Here








Bully Primary Cover Assembly, PN 600-BLY

Bully Primary Adjustment Window

Bully Primary Close Up, Inspection Cover

Bully Primary Close Up, Motor Sprocket Cover

Primary Cover Assembly, PN 601-BLY

Bully Primary, Chrome, Detail Views

Chrome Bully Primary on 2011 Road Glide

Wrinkle Black Bully Primary on 2011 Road Glide





From the HD Forums:


Just completed the install of a Baker Black Bully Primary. One of the nicest pieces I have ever seen. Heavy duty billet machine from a solid block. Fit and finish was awesome. Great wrinkle black finish kit came with high grade hardware and a new gasket.


Thanks to Mark @ Baker who took care of me.


Replaced the Harley adjuster with the Baker attitude adjuster and a high torque bearing. The combination has resulted in a smooth shifting, quiet primary. The heavy Baker Bully is a quantum leap in quality compared to the cast Harley chrome part.


Highly recommend.


Chris Calabro




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