Cruise Drive Marketing Statement


Modern motorcycles and cars have performance, handling, comfort, dependability, and cool stereos that eclipse anything and everything from yesteryear. And every year it gets better. This could be viewed as heresy by the owners of older iron but it’s not meant to be. The beauty of the mechanical architecture of a 1965 FL cannot be matched by any modern offerings. But given the choice to ride a 2009 Road King or a 1965 FL to Alaska and back, I’m going to take the new bike every time.


Any owner of a 2007-up Big Twin knows what I’m talking about. New iron from the factory these days features a modern powertrain with a fuel injected 96 inch motor , 6-speed Cruise Drive© transmission, and an automotive style starting system with no jackshaft that goes CRUNCH when starting. Solid technological advancements that are leaps and bounds beyond a Big Twin of 10 years ago. But even as evolved and refined as new Harleys are, there are design shortcomings, issues, and problems. And that’s the charter for BAKER Drivetrain. We take what the factory is offering and make it better, faster, and stronger.


We offered our first generation 6-speed back in 1998 as an upgrade to the ubiquitous factory 5-speed. It gave improved shift quality and a extra gear for highway cruising. The factory came out with their 6-speed in 2006. So in a sense, we made 2006 era hardware available back in 1998. And this is the template for a lot of our products. We make the future available now.


Example. 2007-2009 Big Twins can be very noisy in 5th gear. Back in 2007 we released the F6F (Factory 6 Fix) to remedy this nuisance noise. F6F helical gears replaced the straight cut gears from the factory. In 2010 the factory released a similar fix across the board. In effect, we brought 2010 technology to 2007 to those who were dissatisfied with what they had.


Example. Our new 7-speed (DD7) remedies some problems with the factory Cruise Drive© 6-speed and upgrades the gearbox into the 21st century. The 1st gear ratio is way too tall and the shifts are clunky and quite audible. Lots of clutch work is required to negotiate stop and go traffic. The DD7 has a shorter 1st gear ratio with all ratios distributed evenly up to 7th gear, which is 1:1. It also employs TorqueBox technology with a linear roller detent system that shifts like butter. Think 7 gears is too many? Take a look at the high performance German and Italian cars that have 7-speeds these days that give a suitable gear ratio for any speed. We are simply bringing the future to the present for your Big Twin.


The moral to the story is this. You can depend on us to have state-of-the-art drivetrain products for your Big Twin, new and old. And we back our products with a solid warranty and knowledgeable customer service and support. Our products are American made and they are not cheap but we make no apologies for that because our goal is to manufacture the very best drivetrain products for your Harley Davidson motorcycle and stay true to the American machine








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