Cruise Drive Tools

Pulley Nut Socket

The mother of all pulley nut sockets is made from one piece bar stock, hard chrome plated for a super tough finish. The 2-1/4″ size is designed to work with the larger nut used by the factory on all stock 6-speeds.


PN TOOLD-07 Pulley Nut Socket








Pulley Locking Tool

The pulley locking tool is clamped to the pulley as shown and prevents pulley rotation while tightening the 2 1/4″ nut to factory specs (60ft lbs + 35-45 degrees). The pulley locking tool comes with a candy apple red anodized finish and is compatible with 29-34 tooth pulleys.


PN TOOLC-56 Pulley Locking Tool








Maindrive Gear Service Kit

This kit is required for removing the old maindrive gear and bearing and installing the new ones. The steel components of this service kit are black oxide plated for durability and corosion resistance. The aluminum components are anodized blue. Includes very detailed instruction sheets.


PN TOOLA-07 Maindrive Gear Service Kit











F6R Press Tool

Designed for use with the F6R kits. It is used to press the H-D 5C gear off the stock countershaft and then press the gear onto the BAKER F6R countershaft. With a standard issue hydraulic press and this tool, the job is very easy. You don’t have to heat any of the gears to simplify installation. Dealers and technicians love this tool as it makes their jobs simple to install an F6R kit. It also comes in handy sometimes when working on OEM 2006-up Dyna’s and 2007-up Big Twin Transmissions.


PN 483-6T F6R Tool











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