Custom and Performance Marketing Statement

The older pilots refer to it as the Sound of Round. That’s the beautiful mechanical cacophony you hear from an airplane with a Pratt & Whitney R-985 when its crawling through sky. That 985 cubic inch 9-cylinder radial makes a sound that can’t be duplicated or imitated. Same goes for a Harley engine. A big displacement 45° V-twin with high compression and a really nervous camshaft with lots of valve overlap sounds better than every girl in a strip club simultaneously screaming your name.


At BAKER Drivetrain we are gear-heads and motor-heads; we love this shit. But we don’t make motors; we make drivetrains and they often take a back seat to the iconic presence of the motor. The Custom and Performance catalog is proof that we won’t let the drivetrain be overlooked. It’s importance as the caretaker of delivering that juicy V-twin torque to the rear tire cannot be emphasized enough. So you have some torque. The OD6 and PowerBox will handle 165 ft-lbs of torque. Both have a common gearset but the PowerBox borrows heavily gusseted architecture from Satan’s transmission, the TorqueBox which begs for 250 ft-lbs of torque. The Function Formed Primary (FFP) has that classic belt drive look but it’s enclosed wet design has a through-hole in the middle and is ready for mid control fabrication. And don’t forget the clutch, it is surrounded by two bullies; the torque from the motor and the rear tire/pavement but the KKC clutch was born from a Cadillac transmission, grew up in Detroit, and can kick anybody’s ass. And there’s more unique drivetrain components that are only available in the collection you are looking through right now, so please check it out.


This company was started 12 years ago because motors were making more and more power, but nobody was taking the drivetrain seriously. Make sure to choose the right drivetrain, chassis, and rear wheel to put the power to the ground.


Above photo courtesy of Steve Berner








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