Custom and Performance Tools

Maindrive Service Tool

This kit is required for removing the old maindrive gear and bearing and installing the new ones. The designs of these tools are based on the standard Harley tools but adapted to service left side drive 5 & 6 speeds and right side drive 5 & 6 speeds. The steel components of this service kit are black oxide coated for corrosion protection. The aluminum components are anodized candy apple red. Includes very detailed tool sequence instruction sheets.
PN TOOLA-56 Left Side Drive 5 & 6-Speed, RSD5 & RSD6








Inner Race Service Tool

This kit is required for removing and installing the inner primary bearing race, PN 34091-85, which is used on all Big Twin models from late 1984-up. The inner race must be removed to slide the gearset out of the case. This tool is based on the standard Harley tool but adapted to service left side drive 5 & 6 speeds and right side drive 5 & 6 speeds.
PN TOOLB-56 Inner Race Service Kit








Pulley Locking Tool

The pulley locking tool is clamped to the pulley as shown and prevents pulley rotation while torqueing the 1-7/8” pulley nut to the proper factory spec. of 50ft-lbs +35°. Anodized candy apple red. Works on 29-34 tooth pulleys.
PN TOOLC-56 Transmission Pulley Locking Tool








Pulley Nut Socket

The mother of all pulley nut sockets is made from one piece of bar stock and hard chrome plated for a super tough finish. The throat of our socket is deeper than others to enable service work on Right Side Drive 5-Speed and 6-Speed transmissions.
PN TOOLD-56 Pulley Nut Socket








DD6 RV Tool

Nothing makes work easier than a tool designed just for right for the job. The DD6-RV press tool is just such a tool. Specifically designed to press the 4th and 5th gears off the countershaft when installing a Reverse Retrofit on your stock DD6. With a standard issue H-Beam Hydraulic Press and this tool, the job is easy. No heat required and no concern about damaging your precision ground gears. Simply flip it over to press those same gears onto your new DD6-RV Countershaft. Machined from high grade cold rolled steel, it has the durability to match its simplicity of use.
PN TOOL-DD6-RV Reverse Press Tool










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