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Our BAKER DD5 is not just a replacement for the stock 5-Speed. Whether you’re going down the drag strip or you’re cruising down the road, the torque capacity, long term durability and shift quality are greatly improved over stock. Will handle up to 200 H.P. no problem.


– One-piece countershaft with 5th gear
– Larger door bearings
– Billet 6061-T6 chrome door for strength
– Hard chrome plated shift forks for wear resistance
– Smooth roller shift system with Redundant Neutral vastly improves neutral finding
– 5 Year limited warranty

DD5 Builder’s Kit Layout


Bearing Door
All DD5 bearing doors have the same outer profile as a stock 5 speeds so exhaust brackets, torque arms etc. fit like stock. The DD5 door comes with or without an ear. The ear door is for exhaust bracket mounting and does not fit 1993-2006 FL applications. Note the images below. The DD5 door bearings are larger providing 25% more dynamic load capacity than stock bearings used through 1998.

DD5 Ear & Non Ear Bearing Door

Bearing Comparison


Redundant Neutral System

Shift System
Our 5 Speed shift system with roller detent guarantees smooth shifts every time and our redundant neutral ensures  that finding neutral is a easy chore. We mount a plunger detent on the left side pillow block and cut a plunger track into the shift drum itself.  The plunger follows this track during operation (shifting) and when shifting into neutral pops into a pocket. This system lets you feel that you’re shifting into neutral. No more guessing.  Shift drum features more aggressive timing on the fork groove profiles and is case hardened to 58 Rockwell for wear resistance and crisp shifts. We built our reputation on smooth shifting 6-speed transmissions; our 5-speed drum designs benefit from the engineering lessons learned.


FL Case Differentiations
To see an illustrated example of the differences between FL cases by year, please open the PDF  here.

All DD5 gearsets come with a 1-piece counter shaft. Eliminates the well known Achilles heel of the stock 5-speed under high horsepower and/or heavy GVW applications. That is, the 5th gear cracks radially and splits in half with catastrophic results. Our one piece design is good to 200 H.P. All gears are made out of 8620 steel, gears are shaper cut before heat treat then precision ground with diamond coated tooling after heat treat (58-62 Rockwell ‘C’). This extra steps ensures not only a quieter gear pair, but enables much tighter backlash control.


The DD5 comes in a standard, optional or R-Ratio configuration. A way to physically tell which ratio you have is pretty common knowledge here at BAKER, but if you would like to know look at the 1st gear pair on the gearset. Our standard 2.94 1st gear will not have a notch on the 1st countershaft gear, our (stock) 3.24 1st gear will have a single notch around the center of the 1st countershaft gear and our 2.82 (R-Ratio) 1st gear will have 2 notches around the 1st gear countershaft. Use the image on the far right for reference. This is very important to know if you need any replacement parts or components.

Countershaft Comparison

DD5 Gearset Layout

1st Gear Ratio Indicator


Billet Shift Forks

Shift Forks
Our billet shift forks are 3x thicker than stock and hard chrome plated for wear resistance


Available No Cost Options
– Standard Shift Drum (1-N-2-3-4-5)
– N1 Shift Drum (N-1-2-3-4-5)
– Reverse Pattern Shift Drum (5-4-3-2-N-1)
– Reverse Pattern Shift Kill Drum (5-4-3-2-N-1); Wiring your neutral switch to the coil provides a clutch free way of shifting your motorcycle.


The DD5 comes in a standard, optional or R-Ratio configuration

Standard Ratios
1st Gear 2.94 / Optional 3.24
2nd Gear 2.21
3rd Gear 1.60
4th Gear 1.23
5th Gear 1.00
R-Ratio Ratios
1st Gear 2.82
2nd Gear 2.08
3rd Gear 1.60
4th Gear 1.23
5th Gear 1.00


Builder’s Kit Part Numbers

PN Description Fitment
T501K DD5 Builder’s Kit w/Tapered Mainshaft 1987-89 Softail, FXR, FLT-FLH
501K DD5 Builder’s Kit 1990-06 Softail, FXR1990-92 FLT-FLH1991-05 Dyna
504K DD5 Builder’s Kit 1993-06 FLT-FLH
T511K DD5 Builder’s Kit; 3.24 1st Gear w/Tapered Mainshaft 1987-89 Softail, FXR, FLT-FLH
511K DD5 Builder’s Kit; 3.24 1st Gear 1990-06 Softail, FXR1990-92 FLT-FLH1991-05 Dyna
514K DD5 Builder’s Kit; 3.24 1st gear 1993-06 FLT-FLH
T5211K DD5 Builder’s Kit;R-Ratio w/Tapered Mainshaft 1987-89 Softail, FXR, FLT-FLH
5211K DD5 Builder’s Kit; R-Ratio 1990-06 Softail, FXR1990-92 FLT-FLH1991-05 Dyna
5214K DD5 Builder’s Kit; R-Ratio 1993-06 FLT-FLH


Complete Build Part Numbers
All Part Numbers Listed Are Standard Gear Ratios

PN Description Fitment
T501 DD5 Complete Assembly, Tapered Shaft 1987-89 Softail
501 DD5 Complete Assembly 1990-97 Softail
T502 DD5 Complete Assembly, Tapered Shaft 1985-89 FXR1985-89 FLT-FLH
502 DD5 Complete Assembly 1990-94 FXR1990-92 FLT-FLH
503 DD5 Complete Assembly 1991-97 Dyna
504 DD5 Complete Assembly 1993-97 FLT-FLH
5042 DD5 Complete Assembly 2002-2006 FLT-FLH


Complete Build Notes
-Change ‘0’ in PN to ‘1’ to specify a 3.24 1st gear ratio; EX: PN 501 changes to PN 511
-Change ‘0’ in PN to ’21’ to specify a “R” ratio; EX: PN 501 changes to PN 5211


Complete Build Case Finish Options

Raw Finish

Wrinkle Black Finish

Show Polished Finish

Chrome Finish

Add the suffix to the end of the PN for case finish; ‘R’- Raw finish, ‘B’- Wrinkle Black finish, ‘P’- Polished finish and ‘C’- Chrome finish (Chrome Available only on 1990-97 Softail Billet Cases).


BAKER Case vs. Aftermarket

Case Design
The BAKER Softail case design had all leak potentials in mind during the design. We added stud pads to the inside of the case so that the thread holes for the transmission studs were blind holes, NOT through holes like some aftermarket brands. Looking at the image on the right you can see the difference.





Recalibration Box PN 95E-56B

Special Note
– Speedo recalibration unit is required for electric speed sensor applications; PN 95E-56A.
– PN 555-56L-A is required for 2000-06 Softail’s, 2001-06 FL/FLT and 2001-05 Dyna
– A +.800″ mainshaft and pulley for wide tire applications are available upon request, additional costs may apply.


Recommended Upgrades
– Function Formed Oil Spout (for 1993-Later FLT/FLH Models only)
– +1 Quart Oil Pan (for 1993-Later FLT/FLH Models only)
– Inner Primary High Torque Bearing Kit
– SP9: Street Performance 9 Plate Clutch
– King Kong Clutch
– Front or Rear Feed LSD Hydrualic Side Cover
– Sprockets
– Pulleys

– Bully Derby Cover (1999-2006 5 Hole Derby Cover Models)


Click on any of the images below to learn more

FLH/ FLT Function Formed Oil Spout

+1 Quart Oil Pan

High Torque Bearing Kit

SP9- Street Performance 9 Plate Clutch

King Kong Clutch

FF LSD Hydro Side Covers



Bully Derby Cover

Truss Style Shift Lever


Spectro Oil BD-75140

Recommended Fluid / Level

Picking the right transmission fluid ensures the life and durability of your transmission, that’s why BAKER recommends a fully synthetic GL-5 rated gear weight oil of 75W-140. If a GL-5 rated gear lube is not available, these commonly carried viscosities (weights) will work 75W-90, 75W-140 and 85W-140. BAKER does not recommend the use of Syn3 (20W-50). For Bert’s  article on ‘Oil & Spiders’  Click Here


BAKER DD5 Fluid Capacity Dry: 22-24fl-oz

BAKER DD5 Fluid Capacity Wet: 18-22fl-oz


Please see your Factory Service Manual for installing the BAKER DD5 Builder’s Kit


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DD5 Gearset




Sheryl Lund’s 2006 Custom with DD5


Sam Milazzo’s Road Glide Custom with DD5

Phil Knighton’s Super Gas Drag Bike with R-Ratio DD5, Best E.T.9.58 @ 141 MPH



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