F5R: Factory 5-Speed Reverse



The F5R kit adds a reverse gear to any 1990-2006 big twin 5 speed. The contents in the F5R kit are similar to the F6R; door, side cover, countershaft, reverse gear train and hardware. Existing gearset (except countershaft), shift system and top cover will be re-used with the F5R installation. The F5R will be appreciated by those with heavy GVW applications (trikes, side cars and trailers) or those with compromised leg mobility. Also available as a 5 Speed Builder’s Kit with reverse, or as a complete transmission upgrade. No longer do you have to wrestle that large bagger out of a tight parking situation. You can safely and easily back up in reverse using the throttle and clutch.  All reverse functions are on the handlebars and/or inner fairing. No reaching down near the hot exhaust to actuate reverse.  By design it is mechanically impossible to be in reverse and a forward gear like other units on the market.  Maintain the freedom of being powered by an American Big Twin – even in reverse!


– Will retrofit with  BAKER DD5 or Stock H-D® 5-speed transmissions.

– Full complement of parts and detailed instructions included for an easy installation.

– Reverse is designed as a creeper gear for the safest operation possible.

– Reverse selection controlled by aircraft grade shifting solenoid & crank assembly. Electronic reverse safety lock out solenoid is energized with the  handlebar mounted momentary toggle switch.

– No ‘accidentally’ shifting into reverse. Solenoids are only powered when the bike is in neutral and automatically turn ‘off’ when bike is shifted out of neutral.

– Redundant dual spring system on the shifting bell crank assembly make it is the safest reverse system on the market today.

– True ‘plug & play’ wiring harness. No using the starter motor for reverse maneuvers either.

– No case modifications required for reverse gearset installation.

– Backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

F5R Kit Contents


– 5.69:1 ratio reverse gear in the F5R gearset, which is 43% shorter than the stock 1st gear ( 3.21:1). Making it  essentially a creeper gear.

– Reverse gears and dogs made of 8620 gear steel, fully case hardened to 58-62 Rockwell C. Ground tooth profiles with diamond coating tooling

– Billet (6061-T6) Aluminum bearing door and side covers. Available in polished or chrome finishes.

– Pre heat treated 4140 billet steel shift fork (28-32 Rockwell C) rides on a case hardened, ground finish fork rod.

– Hydraulic side cover (1.5″ Piston) works with stock and aftermarket 11/16″ bore hydraulic clutch lever assemblies.

– All included bolts are polished stainless steel.

– Clears the stock FLT/ FLH cast oil spout.

– Will retrofit with  BAKER DD5 or Stock H-D® 5-speed transmissions.

– Typical install time is 6-9 hours depending on the model of motorcycle, exhaust and installed accessories.

– Sticks out from bearing door the same amount as a stock mechanical (cable style) transmission side cover.

– Due to the solenoid location on the side cover, the F5R may not work with some 2-into-1 exhaust systems where the rear head pipe goes down in front of the transmission.  Clears all stock exhaust systems will a small amount of clearancing to the lower door mount exhaust bracket required on stock FLT/ FLH systems.



 This tip applies to F5R, F6R, F5K, F6K, RSD and Big Dog style clutch cable installations that utilize a split ferrule for cable retention. It is recommended that the inner cable, ferrule and ball ramps are coated liberally with wheel bearing grease upon final installation. This step has been omitted for photo clarity.

After attaching the clutch cable to the clutch lever, be sure that the cable adjuster is fully collapsed. Screw the cable into the sidecover. Slide the ball ramp over the exposed inner cable, then the split ferrule over the inner cable end. Rotate the ball ramp fully rearward removing all of the slack from the inner cable and engaging the ferrule into the ball ramp. Install a miniature nylon cable tie on the inner wire directly in FRONT of the ball ramp as far back as possible. Snip the excess tie as short as possible. This will prevent the ferrule from accidently becoming dislodged during installation and/or clutch adjustment.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Final Look

F5R Geartrain Layout

F5R, Safety Solenoid ‘On’, Reverse Shift Ready

F5R Safety Solenoid ‘Off’, Reverse Locked Out

F5R Bell Crank, At Rest

F5R Bell Crank, Reverse Locked Out

F5R Bell Crank, Reverse Engaged

Reverse Kits

PN Description Fitment
F5-RV-1 Bolt On Reverse System 1990-1997 All Big Twin Models
F5-RV-2 Bolt On Reverse System 98-99 Softail, 98-00, FLT/ FLH, DYNA, 99 FXR
F5-RV-3* Bolt On Reverse System 00-06 Softail, 01-06 FLT/ FLH, 01-05 DYNA


NOTE: All above PN’s come standard with a cable type  side cover, unless ordered otherwise

Add: -P Suffix For Polished Door And Side Cover

Add: -C Suffix For Chrome Door And Side Cover

Add: -U Suffix For Upgrade To A BAKER DD5 Builder’s Kit Or Complete Build

Add: -H Suffix For Hydraulic Side Cover Version

*2000-2006 Softail Models Require BAKER PN TCSO-A, Oil Line Adapter Kit

F5R Cable Type Side Cover

F5R Hydraulic Side Cover

TC88B Softail Oil Line Adapter Kit

Switch Housings

PN Description Fitment
SHB-A Hand Control Mounted, Satin Black H-D™ Factory Hand Controls
SHC-A Hand Control Mounted, Chrome H-D™ Factory Hand Controls
423-F5R 1″ Handlebar Mounted, Polished 1″ Handle Bars
FRNG-MNT** Switches with Rubber Boots FLT/ FLH Inner Fairing, Custom Location

**pn FRNG-MNT is the standard configuration unless ordered otherwise.

pn SHB-A, Switch Housing Installed

pn SHC-A, Switch Housing Installed

pn 423-F5R, Switch Housing Installed

pn FRNG-MNT, Inner Faring Mounted

Recommended Upgrades

– Function Formed Oil Spout

– +1 Quart Oil Pan

– Inner Primary High Torque Bearing Kit

– Bully Derby Cover (1999-2006 5 Hole Derby Cover Models)

– SP9: Street Performance 9 Plate Clutch

– King Kong Clutch


Click on any of the images below to learn more

FLH/ FLT Function Formed Oil Spout

+1 Quart Oil Pan

High Torque Bearing Kit

Bully Derby Cover

SP9- Street Performance 9 Plate Clutch

King Kong Clutch

Spectro Oil BD-75140

Recommended Fluid Level

Picking the right transmission fluid ensures the life and durability of your transmission, that’s why BAKER recommends a fully synthetic GL-5 rated gear weight oil of 75W-140. If a GL-5 rated gear lube is not available, these commonly carried viscosities (weights) will work 75W-90, 75W-140 and 85W-140. BAKER does not recommend the use of Syn3 (20W-50). For Bert’s article on ‘Oil & Spiders’ Click Here


BAKER F5R Fluid Capacity Dry: 22-24fl-oz

BAKER F5R Fluid Capacity Wet: 18-22fl-oz


Installation Instructions

BAKER F5R Installation Instructions with Exploded Views : Click Here



F5R Door & HD-5 Gearset Assy

F5R Door Installed

F5R Reverse Geartrain Installed

F5R Gearset Installed

F5R Installed, 1999 Road King

F5R Installed, 2002 Dyna


F5R Installed, 2002 Dyna, Side View

F5R Installed, 2002 Dyna, Front View

F5R Installed, 2011 Custom Trike By Bozzies, Front View

F5R Installed, 2011 Custom Trike By Bozzies, Side View

F5R allows Tyler Deith to keep riding after an accident left him paralyzed from the chest down

Jim’s sidecar project with a F5R and storage for his wheelchair got him and his wife back on the road


Ron Schultz Custom 2003 Dyna Trike:Hopefully u find these pictures interesting. My dad’s always wanted a Harley, and finally a few years ago, he got his wish, he purchased a new 2003 anniversary low rider, but with a recent hip replacement and trouble keeping the bike upright while stopped. Him and I together designed and built this one of a kind trike last winter. Taking a resemblance of the can am, we came up with our own concept, and what a wild ride. A few weeks ago he had me doing some research on reverse kits of some kind and I stumbled upon your kits. It took us quite a few pain staking hours to do, but that’s time well spent with a father. He couldn’t be any more pleased with your product. A fine, well-engineered product that we would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much again, John and Ron Schultz.

John Schultz and his Dyna Trike



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