F6K: Factory 6-Speed Kicker



The F6K is the only kicker kit available for 2007 (will fit 2006 Dyna) and later Cruise Drive 6 speed motorcycles.  Bolt on kicker kits are nothing new, but for Factory Cruise Drive bikes they are. The Factory 6 Kicker, or F6K as we call it, use a ratchet hub that presses onto the shank of the mainshaft, then the O.D. of the ratchet hub presses into the oversized door bearing.  The ratchet hub is effectively located and secured from moving by the oversized door bearing.  This can be seen under the images tab in the SolidWorks model cut away image.


-Heavy duty 6061-T6 all billet aluminum construction bearing door and kicker cover

-1018HR steel heat treated Press-In-Mainshaft hub and retainer

-BAKER  Heavy Duty stainless steel straight kick arm

-BAKER bronze kick pedal with 5/8″ spindle

-Transmission case removal from bike not required for installation

-Hydraulic type kits come with 1.5″ piston, 11/16″ bore master cylinder is required for matched compatibility

-Cable type kits come with ball ramp actuator

-Compatible with Factory Electric Starter, for kick and electric start

-Bearing trap door and kicker cover come pre-assembled for quick installation

-Backed by our 2 year unlimited warranty

Included Parts


Door Finish Options
You have 3 different options for case finish on the Factory 6 Kicker.

Show Polish Finish

Wrinkle Black Finish

Raw/Silver Finish


Kicker Cover Options

We manufacture and offer 2 different kicker covers making the F6K completely customizable from stock to custom build. The kicker covers are available in mechanical cable ball and ramp style or a hydraulic model.   Kicker covers come completely show polished.  Consult our Tech lines for upgraded custom finishes.


Kicker Gears

All BAKER F6K’s come with their own version of the  Klassic Kicker Gears standard. These gears start out of 1018 HR Steel, precision machined and heat treated to 50-55 RC; these gears are tough for long life and tons of kicks.


Section View of Retainer

Mainshaft Retainer
We developed our whole kicker kit around our mainshaft retainer.  Aftermarket kits use a retainer that is part of the ratchet gear that gets threaded on to the mainshaft.  With every kick of your bike this retainer continuously gets tighter on the threads of the mainshaft.  This eventually causes failure and the end of the mainshaft breaks off.  This can be seen in the image to the right.  Our kit uses you a larger diameter mainshaft bearing to house our ratchet gear.  This ratchet gear becomes the support for the mainshaft.   The mainshaft is retained by a nut, just like the factory so no extra stress is put on to the shaft.  Making it the most reliable kit out there.



PN                                 DESCRIPTION

678-56MR-K     Factory 6 Kicker w/Raw Door, Mechanical Ball & Ramp Cable Kicker
678-56HR-K     Factory 6 Kicker w/Raw Door, Hydraulic Kicker
678-56MB-K     Factory 6 Kicker w/Wrinkle Black Door, Mechanical Ball & Ramp Cable Kicker
678-56HB-K     Factory 6 Kicker w/Wrinkle Black Door,  Hydraulic Kicker
678-56MP-K     Factory 6 Kicker w/Polished Door, Mechanical Ball & Ramp Cable Kicker
678-56HP-K     Factory 6 Kicker w/Polished Door, Hydraulic Kicker


2006-2011 Dyna, 2007-2011 Touring and Softail models with factory
6-speed. Ignition retrofit required to eliminate crank sensor based ignition
and conversion from EFI to carburetor



This tip applies to F5R, F6R, F5K, F6K, RSD and Big Dog style clutch cable installations that utilize a split ferrule for cable retention. It is recommended that the inner cable, ferrule and ball ramps are coated liberally with wheel bearing grease upon final installation. This step has been omitted for photo clarity.

After attaching the clutch cable to the clutch lever, be sure that the cable adjuster is fully collapsed. Screw the cable into the sidecover. Slide the ball ramp over the exposed inner cable, then the split ferrule over the inner cable end. Rotate the ball ramp fully rearward removing all of the slack from the inner cable and engaging the ferrule into the ball ramp. Install a miniature nylon cable tie on the inner wire directly in FRONT of the ball ramp as far back as possible. Snip the excess tie as short as possible. This will prevent the ferrule from accidently becoming dislodged during installation and/or clutch adjustment.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Final Look


Recommended Upgrades

– Cruise Drive Pulleys

– +1 Quart Oil Pan (2007-2008 FLH/ FLT Models)

– +1.5 Quart Oil Pan (2009-Later FLH/ FLT Models)

– Cruise Drive Sprockets

– Attitude Chain Adjuster Kit

– Bully Derby Cover

– Bully Primary Cover


Click on any of the images below to learn more

Cruise Drive Pulleys

+1 Quart Oil Pan

+1.5 Quart Oil Pan

Cruise Drive Sprockets

2007-Later Comp Sprocket

Attitude Adjuster

Bully Derby Cover

Bully Primary Cover


Recommended Fluid / Level
Picking the right transmission fluid ensures the life and durability of your transmission, that’s why BAKER recommends a fully synthetic GL-5 rated gear weight oil of 75W-140. If a GL-5 rated gear lube is not available, these commonly carried viscosities (weights) will work 75W-90, 75W-140 and 85W-140. BAKER does not recommend the use of Syn3 (20W-50). For Bert’s  article on ‘Oil & Spiders’  Click Here


BAKER F6K Fluid Capacity Dry: 32fl-oz




BAKER F6K install instructions with exploded views Click Here



F6K on Bikernet.com. Click Here


F6K on Cruise Drive Case

John Dodson of Gangster Choppers “Shoot First” Dyna with F6K

F6K on the “Shoot First” Dyna by Gangster Choppers





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