Future Gearheads Program


You’re lucky to be part of the growing population of young mechanics entering the workforce in this country. The American motorcycle aftermarket is alive and kickin’ and BAKER is leading the way as the Drivetrain Authority.

We want you to be armed with the best knowledge, tools and innovations possible when you start wrenchin’! So we’ve put together a little program to aid that process. What better way to grow your tool set, or insure that you’re putting the best American-Made Drivetrain product in that first bike you build or modify?

We back all of our products: including tool sets, with unbeatable BAKER warranties; and everything is made right here in the U.S.A. These are important things to know as you step out. Junk Foreign-made tools and products can come back to bite you in the end – and good luck getting support or warranty help when they fail!

We’ve got our guys on the phones to help you if ever you hit a point where you need some knowledgeable, English-Speaking tech Support.


Call us or email us now for more information on how to enroll! This is the one class you need to be a part of!

Program Features:

– Must be an active Student or Teacher with proof of identification.
– Up to 25% off on most items.
– Free Shipping on gearsets and complete transmissions.
– 40% off specialty transmission tool complete set (pn TOOL-ABCD)



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