KKC: King Kong Clutch



“Torque capacity of a clutch is dictated by the diameter and the number of clutch plates.” So the goal was to implement the biggest diameter clutch plates that would fit underneath the starter ring gear minor diameter. We found the biggest ones in a Cadillac 5-speed automatic tranny so we designed a clutch around 20 of these massive plates.

– 20, 7 inch diameter, single sided K2 friction plates
– Three interchangeable coil spring options. Light, medium and heavy.
– BAKER’S exclusive1-piece clutch basket and 66 tooth ring gear design
– Larger torque capacity
– Positive pressure plate alignment with Perma-Glide bearings
– Red anodized clutch carrier and pressure plate
– 2 Year limited warranty

Clutch Features

Clutch Design
The fundamental design approach of the BAKER clutches is different than anything available from the factory or other aftermarket manufacturers. For strength reasons, we manufacture our clutch with a 1-piece ring gear/basket. First, a large donut shaped forging is turned on a CNC lathe to the shape of the finished basket. Next the internal splines for the friction plates are formed with a 6-foot long broach. Threads for attachment of the carrier are machined on a mill, then the ring gear teeth are hobbed on the same type of machine that makes our gears. It is not cheap to make the heart and soul of our clutches in this manner but the end result justifies the expense. The radial strength gained by integrally putting the ring gear around the basket is analogous to the steel bands placed around a whiskey barrel. Without the steel bands, the barrel would explode and that would be alcohol abuse. Additionally, the ring gear is supported by the hoop of the basket and this guarantees the T.I.R. at the pitch line of the ring gear teeth (no egg shaped ring gear). We offer 35, 36, 37, and 38 tooth clutch sprockets with our clutches to dial in your overall gear ratio.


King Kong 1-Piece Basket

Stock Basket VS King Kong

Clutch Sprockets


Stock Plate Inside The KKC Plate

Friction Plates
The King Kong ring gear basket design and friction plates dwarfs the stock clutch components. Look at the frictions plates shown to the right, by increasing the diameter of the friction plate we are able to increase the torque handling capacity. The KKC come with 20 of these massive single sided friction plates. Being single sided friction plates the KKC dissipates heat more quickly then a standard 2 side friction plate, end result being a longer lasting, durable clutch.





Bearing Support In FFP

Optional Bearing Support
Being the ultimate in high horse power clutches for Big Twins we had to design a bearing support to keep your mainshaft from bending under severe loads. The bearing support features a billet 6061-T6 design which is mounted to the King Kong using 3 alignment dowels and utilizes a heavy duty roller bearing. The Bearing Support version of the KKC is designed to work with the BAKER FFP ‘Function Formed Primary’ only. The derby cover of the primary has a bearing race pressed onto the snout of the cover which slides inside the bearing of the support when installed to keep the clutch assembly true to the world no matter how much horse power you can throw at it. To learn more about the Function Formed Primary ‘FFP’ Click Here


Starter Pinion SP1000

AC/DC Pinion
We only manufacture clutches with the 66 tooth ring gear. In 1994, Harley migrated from the 66 tooth ring to a 102 tooth design to achieve more starting torque. The flip side of that is the teeth sheer off especially on modified motors. If you have a 1994-2006 (except 06 Dyna); 102 tooth clutch basket you must purchase the AC/DC starter pinion separately, PN SP1000.


1990-2006 Big Twins (except 2006 Dyna)
1994-2006 FLH/FLT Models


1994-2006 Softail/Dyna Models (except 2006 Dyna) will have to modify the outer primary cover in order to fit properly; this involves removing the inner casting webs/fins. See instructions


PN Description
20P200-KK-35 King Kong Clutch w/35 Tooth Sprocket
20P200-KK-36 King Kong Clutch w/36 Tooth Sprocket
20P200-KK-37 King Kong Clutch w/37 Tooth Sprocket
20P200-KK-38 King Kong Clutch w/38 Tooth Sprocket
20P200-KK-S-35 King Kong Clutch w/35 Tooth Sprocket & Outer Bearing Support
20P200-KK-S-36 King Kong Clutch w/36 Tooth Sprocket & Outer Bearing Support
20P200-KK-S-37 King Kong Clutch w/37 Tooth Sprocket & Outer Bearing Support
20P200-KK-S-38 King Kong Clutch w/38 Tooth Sprocket & Outer Bearing Support


Recommended Upgrades

– Bully Derby Cover (1999-2006 5 Hole Derby Cover Models)

– AC/DC Starter Pinion’
– Fine Tooth Chain Adjuster
– FFP “Function Formed Primary”


Click on any of the images below to learn more

Bully Derby Cover

Starter Pinion SP1000

Fine Tooth Chain Adjuster and Shoe

Function Formed Primary


Installation Instructions
KKC installation instructions with exploded views: Click Here


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Back Side of KKC

KKC No Support

KKC with Bearing Support

KKC with Bearing Support



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