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We bought a new 2007 FL to use for 7-speed transmission development work. The first thing we noticed was how hot the damn thing ran. In traffic, we could see those little heat wave squiggle lines (maybe a flashback) coming off the motor. The 4-qt capacity, unchanged since 1993 (when the 80” motor made 49 hp), seemed inadequate.


So we designed a new pan in SolidWorks with a 5 qt capacity by going wider not deeper, hence the +1 Oil Pan. Taking a closer look at the stock pan we discovered it has the oil pickup and return in the front of the pan within 2” of each other. So we put the pickup in the rear of our +1 Oil Pan and the return in the front for better oil circulation.


– Cast oil pans are 1-piece design and made with A356-T6 aluminum
– Billet oil pans are 2-piece design and made with 6061-T6 aluminum
– Feed and return on the stock pan are within 2” of each other. BAKER pans have feed in the back and return in front
– Reduces engine oil temperature by 10-30º
– Multiple integral baffles eliminate the stock plastic spring loaded baffle
– Integral bosses for Alloy Art TXR® and True Track® stabilizers structurally located on the bottom
– True bolt on part, no modifications required
– Compatible with factory oil temperature sensor
– 5 Year limited warranty


Cast Pan Kit Contents

Billet 2-Piece Pan Kit Contents


Cast Pan Finishes
The Cast version has 2 options for finish. Both cast finishes are Highlighted to maximize cooling.

Silver Finish with Highlighted Fins

Wrinkle Black Finish with Highlighted Fins


Billet 2-Piece Pan Finishes
The Billet version has 2 options for finish.

Show Polished 2-Piece

Show Chrome 2-Piece


Anatomy Of A BAKER Oil Pan
The +1 Oil Pan replaces the stock plastic baffle system with integrally positioned baffles as part of the pan, casted in on our cast pans and machined in on our billet line. We also have the feed location moved to the rear of the pan and kept the return location in the front for a more complete system circulation. Looking at the images below you can see how the oil would flow through the BAKER pan and the internals of the baffling system. The Factory Oil Pan uses a removable plastic baffle system which can cause wear on the inside of the pan from engine vibration. The oil feed and return areas on the factory pan are within 2 inches of each other located in the front of the pan. This can cause the tendency of hot oil getting sucked back into the motor by seeping around the plastic baffle.

+1 Pan, Feed & Return Location

+1 Internal Baffle System

Stock Oil Pan Feed & Return Location


Stock vs +1 Pan Temperature Readings

Oil Temperature
Temperature of your motor oil plays a big factor in the life and longevity of your motor. The temperature data chart shows an average of 14° drop with the BAKER +1 pan vs. stock.  It also shows the longer and hotter the ride, the bigger the temperature differential. Some of our customers have recorded up to a 30° temperature drop in the Nevada desert during the summer where temperatures can reach 110° easy.


After getting the speed wobbles on a high speed sweeper, we realized the need for this pan to work in conjunction with stabilizers on the market, so we tested it with both types – It really worked, no more speed wobbles! So we incorporated two bosses on the bottom to directly bolt the heim joint of both types of stabilizers to the oil pan.

Stabilizer Boss Locations

Bottom View of a 1999 FL with Alloy Art Unit Installed

Bottom View of a 1999 FL with True Track Unit Installed


Stabilizer Information
Any information regarding the stabilizer units please visit the company websites listed below by clicking on the link.


PN Description Website Link
20-00 True Track Stabilizer Unit Assembly True Track Website
TXR-1 Alloy Art Stabilizer Unit Assembly Alloy Art Website


For use with your S&S Motor Only

5QT-1160 Adapter

BAKER +1 / S&S Adapter kit
We highly recommend the +1 Oil Pan for S&S© T124 applications. It makes a lot of power and a lot of heat. The oil feed and return on the right back of the motor is unique so the following adapter kit is designed specifically (and required) for the +1 Oil Pan and the T124 motor. Special adapter block to route the oil lines for the BAKER +1 Oil Pan;  PN 5QT-1160




BAKER +1 Oil Pans

PN Description Fitment
BD-5QTR-EVO Cast Oil Pan, Silver 1993-1998 FL Touring Models
BD-5QTB-EVO Cast Oil Pan, Wrinkle 1993-1998 FL Touring Models
BD-5QTR Cast Oil Pan, Silver 1999-2008 FL Touring Models
BD-5QTB Cast Oil Pan, Wrinkle Black 1999-2008 FL Touring Models
BD-5QTP-2PEVO 2pc Billet Pan, Show Polished 1993-1998 FL Touring Models
BD-5QTC-2PEVO 2pc Billet Pan, Chrome 1993-1998 FL Touring Models
BD-5QTP-2PC 2pc Billet Pan, Show Polished 1999-2008 FL Touring Models
BD-5QTC-2PC 2pc Billet Pan, Chrome 1999-2008 FL Touring Models


If you are installing a oil temperature sending unit on the oil pan; install the sending unit before installing the pan on the transmission housing.


Recommended Upgrades
– Function Formed Oil Spout
– Inner Primary High Torque Bearing Kit
– SP9: Street Performer 9 Plate Clutch
– King Kong Clutch

– Bully Derby Cover (1999-2006 5 Hole Derby Cover Models)


Click on any of the images below to learn more

FLH/ FLT Function Formed Oil Spout

High Torque Bearing Kit

SP9- Street Performance 9 Plate Clutch

King Kong Clutch

Bully Derby Cover


Oil Capacity
Total oil capacity (system capacity) with the BAKER +1 pan is 5 quarts
Oil changes usually require 4.5 quarts


Installation Instructions
BAKER +1 installation instructions with exploded views Billet 2pc: Click Here

BAKER +1 installation instructions with exploded views Cast Pan: Click Here


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Cast Pan Silver Pan, PN BD-5QTR

Cast Wrinkle Black Pan, PN BD-5QTB

2-Piece Billet Show Polished Pan, PN BD-5QTP-2PC

2-Piece Billet Show Chrome Pan, PN BD-5QTC-2PC



2-Piece Chrome Billet Pan Installed with Alloy Art Stabilizer Unit on a 2007 Electra Glide Standard

2-Piece Polished Billet Pan Installed with Alloy Art Stabilizer Unit on a 1999 Road King


Kick ass article in Thunder Press about the BAKER +1 Oil Pan




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