Staff Profiles


Bert Baker

Bert Baker

DOB: 3/1/62
Married to Lisa; Adam 25, Michelle 26, Brandon 22, Sami 19
Education: BSME Michigan State University 1984; didn’t get good grades.
Professional experience: 14 years at General Motors and 16+ years at BAKER Drivetrain
First motorcycle: 1972 Honda SL70
Favorite car: Cars are slow (even the mighty Z06) and that makes them boring. My favorite ride is the street legal 9.5 sec Organ Donor.
Heroes: Dennis Hopper, Larry Flynt
Favorite movies: Blue Velvet, Requiem for a Dream, Apocalypse Now Redux, Matrix
Interests: Machines that translate rotary motion to linear motion
Life statement:
In life, everyone will be challenged with many obstacles and can choose one of three avenues:1) Do the right thing
2) Do the wrong thing and learn from your mistake
3) Do nothing

In my mind, doing nothing is never an option. Get in the game and don’t be a spectator.
Political statement
I believe in Nationalism and Protectionism political policies. Its time for us to stop sending money overseas, which we don’t have, in the name of national security and global stability. The biggest threat to our national security right now is the shrinking middle class, crumbling infrastructure, and declining manufacturing base. The Chinese are going to be driving Cadillacs and we are going to be living in grass huts if we don’t wake up.



Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker

My official job title is Mrs. Baker – I make sure Bert has clean underwear, just in case he gets in an accident. Considering that Bert’s a really safe guy, this is probably unnecessary. Bert and I have enjoyed a yin-yang relationship for 30 years, dating back to our early days at General Motors.


I earned my Mechanical Engineering Degree from MSU in 1985, following in the footsteps of my Dad and two older brothers. I’m a Spartan sports fanatic and enjoy cheering on the MSU football and basketball teams as often as I can.


I consider my greatest accomplishments in life to be:

-Being a proud, supportive Mom to four happy, healthy young adults who mean the world to me. There is no greater joy in life.
-Working with Bert to bring life to BAKER Drivetrain. His passion for motorcycles and all things mechanical has been the lifeblood of this company from the beginning. I take pride in my role as cheerleader, supportive wife and business partner. Together we have achieved a dream.


Favorite quote:
‘You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.’ ~ James Allen


James Simonelli

James Simonelli

My name is James Simonelli; I work Sales and Tech at BAKER Drivetrain. Even before my first ride at 10 years old (an early 70’s Rupp Scrambler), I have been fascinated by all things mechanical. I started dismantling anything I could get my hands on at a very young age. Motorcycles are definitely my number one passion, all types.


I enjoy riding, building, maintaining, restoring and racing them in both drag and land speed competition. Also high on my list are Sports Cars, 60’s and 70’s Muscle and Super Stock cars, bicycle riding, physical fitness, and pretty girls. If it has tits or wheels, it captures my attention.


I have worked in all facets of the motorcycle industry and really enjoy meeting customers and dealers face to face or via  phone/email and helping them solve difficult problems of any nature. I like to speak my mind, get right to the point, and have never aspired to be politically correct.





Mark Anthony Pavlica


Height: 6’4
Weight: 175
Shoe size: 12
Born: 1974 Owosso memorial hospital
Current residence: Vernon MI
Position: Sales/Tec


Resume: carpenter, roofer, janitor, bartender, adult entertainment disc jockey, mason, landscaper, auto mechanic, musician

Now I work for the most kick ass company on the face of the earth BAKER FUCKING DRIVETRAIN.


Interests: abusing my Les Paul, punishing my righteous scoot (96 Fatboy), Watching football, trying to figure out women both inside and out, making fun of politicians, generally have a great fucking time.


Favorite places: Sturgis, Brieux Bridge, LA , Vernon Pub and Detroit after midnight.


Favorite foods: Steak and potatoes, tacos, pizza, and gas station burritos for breakfast.


Goals: Skydiving, playing a single down as wide receiver for the Detroit Lions and jamming with Zakk Wylde.


Any questions give me a call.




Scott Lerg

Scott Lerg


Day to Day: Tech guru with a side of Sales Department


Court ordered to BAKER since the Fall of 2001. I was still in High School when I hired in.


Studied at Lansing Community College and earned two associates degrees; one in CADD and one in CAM.


Addictions: Speed, anything with two wheels, internal combustion engines, amateur road racing, firearms (designing/building/shooting), experimental aircraft (building/flying) and America, Fuck Yeah!


Elective Projects: Rigid sporty based off a 2000 EVO XL 883 (Don’t worry it’s not a 883 anymore). Finishing up a Rutan designed Vari-Eze experimental aircraft with my pops. Also currently working on my private pilot license.






Rhonda Harris

Rhonda Harris

AKA, “Harris”


I started at BAKER Drivetrain, May of 2002. I wear many hats at Baker, but mainly I work in the office, managing all of the office duties, one of the pleasures I have is answering the phones. It is awesome to talk with people from all over the world. I also help out in the shipping area. And like it or not, am considered the Baker Shop Mom, taking care of all the hoodlums here. In the ten years I have been here I have acquired two dear friendships that I truly cherish.


My family is the most important thing to me. My husband and I have been married for 32 years. We were blessed with 2 children and now have 2 grandchildren, which we adore!


My hobbies include being a Master Gardener, Cooking, Scrapbooking and Stamping.








Ronda Palmatier

Ronda Palmatier


AKA: “P”


I have worked at BAKER since January 2002 handling accounting, human resources and whatever else may come my way! I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University in December 1999. In 2000, I married my high school sweetheart, Adam and we have been blessed with 3 wonderful children. We have a mini farm with a cat, a dog, a bunny, chickens and 4-H pigs. My hobbies include spending time with my husband and children, attending MSU sporting events with family, scrapbooking, and being a mom taxi. Go State!








Frank: Shop Cat


Position at BAKER: shop cat.


Likes: Eating, smelling up the office area, following people into the bathroom, attacking people’s ankles when they walk by, and drinking from the sink in the kitchen.


Dislikes: how my gut jiggles when I run, being petted for too long, and being shaved in the summer


“Cats rule, dogs drool”


















Jerome “JT” Leach


My name is JT; I’m 29 years old and have been with BAKER since October 2004.


I work primarily in the Materials Dept as well as Warranty/Rebuild Dept here at BAKER but every now and then I’ll jump out on the production floor to help get orders out the door or answer sales/tech related questions on the telephone when it is ringing off the hook.  I’m the jack of all trades but master of none.


Outside of work, I really enjoy motor sports, making music and traveling​






Linda Wash

Linda Wash

Production Scheduling/Purchasing


Started at BAKER September 2007


I worked in the automotive industry for 15yrs before coming to Baker.


My Husband Jeff and I married in August 2009. We have 5 great kids between us ranging in age from 30 yrs to 11 yrs.


Most of my time outside of BAKER is spent with family and friends. My hobbies include bike riding, camping, fishing and gardening.





 Adam Heins

Adam Heins

Age – 25 Years Old

Department – Procurement & Logistics


Joined BAKER Drivetrain in August of 2012


I graduated from Michigan State University in May of 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in General Management and a Minor in Economics. After receiving my diploma, my soon-to-be fiancé and I moved to the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. I landed a job at a sports marketing agency located in the heart of the city. Commuting to and from work each day on a public bus and train soon became torturous. After spending one year in Chicago, my longtime girlfriend and I were homesick.


We recently moved back to the Mid-Michigan area and I joined the family business. You heard me right, Lisa is my mother and Bert is my stepfather. I had the “privilege” of growing up in the original BAKER Drivetrain shop, or as I usually refer to it, my childhood home. A large portion of my free time is spent attending MSU sporting events or cheering on one of Detroit’s professional teams. I am a true diehard fan that bleeds green and white!




Shawn Kemp


Shawn Kemp

-30 years old


-Hometown: Lansing, MI


-BA in Advertising from Michigan State University


Interests & Hobbies:
-music and concerts
-video games
-collecting sports cards


Music is my life, and I’m a heavy metal kind of guy. Music is the drive and inspiration that helps keep my head on straight. I’ve lived around and worked in the music industry for almost 10 years now. Outside of BAKER, I work as an independent promoter and book concerts in Lansing, MI. I also enjoy video games, so on those occasional nights where I find myself bored one might find me on xBox Live kicking some ass.


I’ve worked at BAKER for almost five years and love every minute of it; the people, the atmosphere and the cool shit that we make. I wasn’t an avid bike enthusiast or much into the motorcycle scene before working at BAKER, but since I’ve been here I’ve had a lot of great experiences that have helped open my eyes to a whole new world for me. It’s very rewarding to work for a company that has such a high reputation in their nitch of the industry.


Not many people can say they love what they do or love going to work. I’m fortunate enough to be one of those who can.


Tommy Sindel


Tommy Sindel

AKA “Fudge”


Years at Baker: 8


Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Fly-fishing, Outdoors, Guns


33 years old


Kids: 1


Owns a motorcycle


Went to college at LCC


Likes to work on just about everything


I am the guy that just keeps on trucking!



Tracy Ruckle

Tracy Ruckle


I am 33 years old and have worked for BAKER Drivetrain since March of 2002.
I have done many positions throughout the company starting with the warehouse moving on to shipping and now production and packaging. In my free time I enjoy being a mother and hanging out with my friends.



Chris Batterson

Chris Batterson

Hi, my name is Chris. I just started with BAKER in April of 2013. I mostly work in the production area doing small part builds and am currently learning the larger builds. Occasionally, you can find me helping in shipping, the machine shop, or in the warehouse.


When I’m not at work, you’ll most likely find me with my wife Stacey, daughters Bryn Rose and Gemma Mae, and Coco our lab\pit mix. I enjoy spending time in our backyard farm, fishing, music, guns, watching football (Go Spartans & Lions), and anything to do with bikes.


Favorite quote: “Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.”




Joe Benson


Joe Benson

My name is Joseph Benson.


I’m 19 years old.


Hobbies: riding quads, driving fast, hunting, and playing xbox


Favorite Car: Z06 Corvette


School: Mason High School


Favorite Foods: Steak, Pizza, Chicken nuggets, and corn dogs


I started working in the warehouse in the beginning of summer of 2014.


Favorite quotes:
-“I like anything fast enough to do something stupid in.”
-“Staight lines are for fast cars, corners are for fast drivers”







Chad Behrendt

Chad Behrendt

37 yrs old


Lead Engineer / Research & Development


Started at BAKER: June of 2004


Education: Denver Automotive and Diesel College, Cert. Master Motorcycle Mechanic


Hobbies: Harley’s (old school), Riding, Hot Rods, Guns, Snow Boarding, Hunting, RC Helicopters and Family


Strengths: Problem Solving, Mechanically Inclined, Design


Current Bikes: 1985 Ironhead Bobber in the works


“Sitting there won’t get it, get out and do it!”




Mark Wohlfert


Mark Wohlfert

55 years old




Started at BAKER: April 2012




Retired from GM 2008, Also Worked at Nucleus Enterprise (R & D For Oldsmobile Road Racing)


AMI Graduate


Raced Bikes & Quads On 1/4 mile dirt track years back


I like to fish and golf in my down time.


Motto: “I care, but I don’t give a f*ck”










John Belfiglio


John Belfiglio


Machinist – 40 years old


I started working at BAKER in May of 2013.


I’ve been machining for almost 16 years and it never gets dull!


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philly, PA and moved here in February
of 2013 with my wife (born and raised in Lansing) and our little girl.


Music is my passion. I’ve been playing drums since I was 6 years old and am now in the
process of learning piano. Other interest are Hanging with my family, being outside,
weekend bonfires at the house, designing and building anything I can and, of course,


BAKER is different than anywhere I’ve ever worked. You definitely feel more like part of
a  family than just another cog in the works. Here’s to a long future with them all.
Favorite saying: Don’t worry about the little things…It all works out in the end.










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