Stash Tube


The term ‘crank’ was coined because some road dogs used to put their crystal meth in the crankcases of their engines to hide it from Johnny Law.  But crank melts in the heat and oily crank doesn’t sound too tasty.  So we developed a stash tube to keep registration papers dry and to keep the stash cool and oil-free.


– Made with billet 6061-T6 aluminum
– Screw-on top
– .200″ thick O-ring for a water-tight seal
– Highlighted ribbed fin design to keep your stash cool
– 2 Year limited warranty


Section View of the Stash Tube

Tube Maintenance
The stash tube threads are lubricated with a coating of anti-seize and O-ring has a coating of motor oil to ensure long lasting trouble free operation. Over time if the cap is hard to remove, lubricate the O-ring with clean motor oil and apply some anti-seize to the threads.


Stash Area
The Stash Tube has a internal diameter of 2.5″ and is 4″ deep giving you plenty of room to conceal your valuables.


PN Description Fitment
ST-150B Cat Black Stash Tube, Highlighted S&S Generator / Alternator Motors
ST-155R Media Blasted Stash Tube, Highlighted S&S Generator / Alternator Motors


Fitment Notes
The stash tube fits all Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead S&S motors (ALT/GEN Style) and any left side alternator / right side generator style motor cases.


Stash Tube install Instructions: Click Here



Black Stash Tube PN ST-150B

Raw Blasted Stash Tube PN ST-155R



Black Tube on BAKER Custom Panhead



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