Kicker Arms & Pedal


Straight Kicker Arm

Straight Kick Arm

When we first started producing the 6-into-4, we purchased our pedal and kick arm from a supplier but there were problems, because the 6-into-4 sticks out an extra 1.6” (compared to 4-speeds) and no elbow is required. We tooled a straight kick arm and made the cross section twice as thick, the straight arm provided a more positive kicking motion.


Straight Kicker Arm

Kick Arm
The straight arm is cast out of 304 Stainless Steel, machined and polished to perfection. The arm features all stainless steel fasteners and flush mount for the pedal assembly.


Arm comes polished with BAKER Kicker Pedal assembly or without.


PN Description Fitment
351-64K Kick arm, standard length, Stainless steel, polished 1936-86, 4 SpeedsBAKER 4 Speed / 6 INTO 4
3510-64 Kick arm and pedal assembly, standard length 1936-86, 4 SpeedsBAKER 4 Speed / 6 INTO 4


If installing a straight arm onto a 4 Speed transmission, make sure that you have enough clearance between the arm and exhaust system.


Bent Kicker Arm

Bent Kick Arm

The bent kick arm is the traditional style for the 4 Speed, this chrome arm is made to fit around exhaust systems.


Arm comes with BAKER Kicker Pedal assembly or without.


PN Description Fitment
354-64 Standard Bent Kick Arm 1936-86, 4 SpeedsBAKER 4 Speed / 6 INTO 4
3540-64 Standard Bent Kick Arm With Pedal Assembly 1936-86, 4 SpeedsBAKER 4 Speed / 6 INTO 4


BAKER Kicker Pedal

BAKER Kicker Pedal

We used to purchase our pedal assemblies from a supplier, these assemblies were prone to break, due to being made out of shit metal.  So after receiving many death threats, we designed and tooled our own pedal.


Pedal Spindle Comparison

The kicker pedal spindle takes all of the shock and load from kick starting your motorcycle. These spindles are prone for breaking over time from all the abuse. The BAKER Spindle is made out of Pre-heat treaded 4140 then to ensure longevity and resistance to rust we dip them in a bath of hard chrome plate.


Our pedal is cast out of 876 bronze, machined to specs then put through a blast machine where the part is hit with  steel bead shot, work hardening the part and giving it that unique look.


Pedal assemblies fit all 1936-86 4 Speed style kicker arms and BAKER’s straight kicker arm.


PN Description
352-64K Bronze Pedal Assembly, 5/8″ Spindle



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