I just want to thank Mark and JT for all their support and patience. You guys probably thought i was a little nutz…… However we are, you stuck with me and helped me through my dilemma. Since the last change of equipment i have not had a single hiccup. Well over a thousand miles and countless starts and all its well. I’d also like to thank the gal who answers the phone everytime I called, you were very pleasant. ( wouldn’t surprise me if she said “you again”) lol…..anyways thanx again. Next will be an od6. Someday… -Satisfied HD Forums customer


 To The Good People at Baker,

I ride a 2009 Harley Street Glide, and recently I have noticed excessive noise from my primary chaincase. I have read horror stories about the harley auto tensioner making the primary chain too tight and began to suspect this was the problem. Since I live in Michigan I hopped on my bike, made the trip to Baker Drivetrain, about an hour ride, and purchased the Attitude adjuster. On my way home I began to hear screeching at times, but since I was only a couple miles from home I continued on, probably not a good decision on my part. When I arrived home I immediately took the Primary cover off, and the first thing I checked was the primary chain, tight as a banjo string. I installed the Baker attitude adjuster according to the instructions that came in the packaging, reassembled, and was back on the road in about two hours. Would have been less time, but the screeching was the shaft on the comp sprocket that discolored from excessive the heat due to the tight chain. luckily it was not damaged, only discolored, and it cleaned up nicely with steel wool. My advice to anyone thinking about replacing that auto tensioner with the Baker would be to do it now! That auto tensioner can only tighten the chain, it will not loosen the chain, and I was not far from catastrophic damage. My bike shifts better, rolls easier, runs cooler, and is quieter than when it was new. Thanks for the great product. And it’s even made in the U.S.A. imagine that. This was the best $200.00 that I could have spent on my bike.














Thank You,

Steve Stokes


This is from Bob Pyfer, Daytona 2013:I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the installation job of the DD7 transmission . No leaks, adjustments all correct, and not a dirty finger print on the bike ! I like traveling on my 07 Screaming Eagle Ultra more than any bike I’ve ever owned . But after the bearing on the transmission main shaft failed twice(always one to two thousand miles from home)I started to get a little disgusted .Now with the DD7 in it I feel like I’m going to make it to where I’m going and back home. The DD7 is so much quieter I don’t have to turn the stereo up as loud, it shifts smoother, and neutral is so much easier to find. I really like the lower gear ratio for starting out and on the fourth of July I found out it’s much better in a parade ! I’m getting ready to leave for Arkansas this week to ride through the Ozark mountains and the peace of mind it gives me makes it worth every cent. Thanks again for a great job and a great USA made product! See you at the next Bike Week .Thanks,
BOB PYFER    from Betterton ,MD.


I, Mike Yurko, owner of Yurko Custom Choppers, have been using Baker products for over 13 years.
They offer the most genuine innovative drive train components in the American V Twin industry. Their tech center is second to none.
Yurko Custom Choppers supports North American Industries not the cheap offshore knockoffs.
Keep up the great work Bert!!!


My ’86 FXRD is in the shop now having a Baker DD6 gear set and SP9 clutch being installed. I can tell you that the customer service I received from Baker, and Mark in particular, before the sale was exceptional. I spoke with Mark on several occasions discussing the different options I had and working up a plan so I could update my bike to a splined shaft tranny. When the gear set and clutch arrived you could just see the quality in the build.
I have a friend that had a Baker 6 installed in his 84 FLH last summer. I took his bike out for a long ride and couldn’t believe how smooth and precise the shifts were. No “Clunk” when you drop it down into first. Just slick little “snicks” as you went from gear to gear.I know the baker parts are more expensive than the offshore units like Ultima & RevTech, but there is no question you get what you pay for. I have 3 Harleys and the bike that this tranny is going into is my long term keeper. I keep this one until I can’t ride any more. So the money spent on the Baker is worth it to me. It sounds like your ’96 is your soulmate also. If you plan on keeping it for another 15 years, then the cost of the Baker spread out over that time isn’t so bad.
Also, speaking to a few friends that are in the aftermarket parts business, it looks like Custom Chrome, and therefor RevTech, may be in some serious trouble. I wouldn’t count on support from them a few years down the road. The Ultima’s have a decent rep, but I don’t know anyone who is running one to get first hand knowledge. My indy mechanic won’t work with their stuff, but I believe he had somne bad experiences with their engines a few years back.Give Mark a call at Baker and see what he can do for you. You don’t need a complete tranny, just a gear set, or builders kit.
Just my 2 cents.The original poster was asking which 6 speed he should use. Here is his response:omtgkk thanks!!!!!! for the input, I will give Mark a call, like you I will keep this bike till I can’t ride anymore then pass it down to my son


James,Thank you so very much for your help and insight in choosing my transmission and drive pulley setup. All parts have been installed and I love it! The results are just exactly what I was looking for. You saved me from making a big mistake with the drive pulley. With guys like you on their team I can see why Baker is number 1. Thank you again and may you have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy/Lucky New Year.Terry Carpp, a very satisfied customer.


This is Bill Lane in Ft Laud, FL. I recently purchased the DD7 and Attitude Chain Adjuster for my 07 Ultra Classic.
I can’t believe the difference. My bike had a stage 1 upgrade when I bought it new. It feels like I did motor work with the new trans. I am an old dirt bike rider and ¼ mile drag racer, I enjoy the launch, don’ really care about the M.P.H. I have 70 k miles on the bike, and have replaced the main drive bearing 4 times. Twice under warranty, and twice out of pocket ! ( NOT CHEAP ) I already had the Riveria Primo pro clutch, so with the lower ratios, it really launches. The bike has always had a vibration in 6th gear at high speeds, NOT NO MORE. It is so smooth it feels like a different bike ! The shifting is so smooth, it’s had to believe Harley can’t do a better job with the trans. I don’t know if it’s the trans, or the Attitude Chain Adjuster, but it feels like it’s freed up at cruising speeds. I had it installed at Peterson’s Harley in N. Miami and the mechanic could not believe the difference, and said it was an easy install.
I had called several times over a 4 month period, and talked to you, and Matt about buying the trans, and every time you both gave me all the time I wanted on the phone. It’s a big upgrade. I wish I had done it 2 main drive bearing ago !!!.Attached is a pic of my white gold pearl Ultra, and my wife’s 2010 Deluxe. The 2010 Soft Tails have a problem finding neutral.
I mailed the crap for cash back on 11/27 so you should get it next week.Thanks for all your help.
Merry Christmas and Happy New YearBill Lane


“Thanks so much for taking time out to speak with me today about my Baker tranny issue. I will be looking at the George’s Garage site in addition to watching the YouTube video you referenced. I owe much of my bragging rights to the Baker product (in addition to the performance mods I did to the engine and the brakes) and am extremely thankful for actually being able to say that I own a motorcycle like my modified FXDX. Very few people appreciate it – ha! But I plan to keep it as my one-of-a-kind two-wheeled dream bike.My hope is to make sure it stays in great running order, so my plan is to have a local mechanic look at the tranny for $75. Maybe I just bent something during my “brisk” run with a Ducati at high speeds… hate it when that happens. If he can’t do anything with it, I’ll get help from my brother and we’ll look into taking the tranny out and sending it your way for a thorough inspection and estimate. Heck, it would be worth sending it out to you for you to tell me exactly what I have. I have no idea if I have a 2.82 1st gear or .86 or .80 6th. It would be interesting to know… because the set-up I have has been great for short races (light-to-light) and fantastic for top-end roll ons :) Anyway…I’ll be in touch – and feel free to post any photo you wish on your site that shows your wonderful transmission – 6 SPEED OVERDRIVE!
Respectfully yours,” – Tom


The transmission is way beyond my expectations, I gave it a good shakedown run yesterday by traveling to Cooperstown NY for the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceromony (approx. 500 mile round trip with stop at Brooke’s house of BBQ).
I think I may have sold a gearset for you based on my riding buddy’s opinion after he rode mine. I told him if he buys it I will gladly install for him.Anyway, I will include your E-mail address on the UPS return shipping so you may track the package. Thanks again for all your help!Joe Saunier


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, James and the guys at Baker for your help on our 2013 FLTRXSE2. It’s rare to find a company that is as committed to customer service and satisfaction as the staff at Baker Drivetrain.Here is a little back ground for those who were not involved. I ordered the DD7 for our 2013 FLTRXSE2. Upon installing the gear set, my tech discovered that Harley had changed the side cover and slave cylinder, it’s now 3 pieces. Due to these changes, the new style inner cover had clearance issues against the Baker bearing retaining plate.I called James at Baker Drivetrain and briefly described the changes. I sent a few pics of the new inner cover showing where the fitment issues were. By the end of the day they had a new, redesigned, bearing retaining plate in the mail. The new plate works perfectly.Thanks again,Frank Arceneaux
Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Austin


Good Morning,
I wanted to let all of your employees that were involved with our visit during the upgrade of my DD7 transmission yesterday know that their efforts were greatly appreciated. It was great to see the cooperation between Scott, Andy and the production employees that enabled the work to be completed in a timely manner. Spending my work life in an American business engaged in manufacturing and owning a small business I really appreciate what it takes to perform as the Baker operation does. We wish to thank Scott in particular for setting up the project and working diligently while we were there to get it completed. I will let Scott know the outcome as soon as we get salt off of the Ohio roads. As mentioned to Scott we here at Adventure H-D have several customers very interested in the DD7 and are anxious to contact them with positive results.
Thanks again,
Bill Whitmire
Service Supervisor


I just wanted to once again say hats off to Baker Drivetrain for undeniable service, incredible tech support and for lack of better phrasing just for supplying the most wicked pissah products available. I will honestly say we have tried other transmissions in the past behind are motors and have twisted them up like corkscrews. I just had a DD6 rebuilt, purchased an OD6 and bought an F5R and not only was I extremely happy but more importantly my customers are happy. There is only one transmission behind our engines and it is a Baker. Thanks again Jamie
White Knuckle Engines


Thanks for having a great group of engineers that designed the number one belt drive primary for
Big Dog Motorcycles!Cecil Jones


“I had a lifter roller go bad in my 2003 FLHRSEI2 – 103 stroker, the roller failed and dumped needle bearings in my timing case and my oil pump did it’s job and pumped debris throughout the engine. As part of my rebuild project I decided to install a few performance upgrades, roller rockers and a step up in cams. As I had to remove the oil pan to clean debris I decided that the Baker plus One oil pan should also add to my upgrade list.I just had to write you and thank you for such a well engineered piece of equipment!!! I originally was thinking that as long as I had to invest my labor into taking my oil pan down to clean out the debris I might as well upgrade to the Baker Plus One. As I researched it. I found that the cost seemed a bit high.


Living in Florida With heat being what it usually is, I decided to spring for the extra cost and include the Baker Plus One oil pan. I am so very glad that I did -today as I placed the oil pans side by side, I was truly amazed!! It’s easy to see the engineering and quality that went into the manufacturing process and I have to say that this purchase is my most favorite upgrade and truly feel that it was money well spent!!!!


Thank you all at Baker So much!!!!” – Phil


Short note thanking Baker Drivetrain and the company’s wonderful staff for their service and dedication. I’m the proud owner of a custom bagger with OD6 transmission. Many things impress me about the bike but the Baker transmission is at the top of the list! I also have the N1 shift drum and my neutral light was coming on in 3rd and 4th gear. Not the end of the world but the light in the right place is a nice feature. Worked with James at the Sturgis Rally and of course the problem was solved. The wrong top cover was on the tranny so James got the right one in overnight. Since he had the cover off he shimmed it up, new cover and switch, and a big smile on the customers face and all it cost me was my time. Baker Drivetrain is the best…superior product and service.Wade Huntington
Sturgis, SD


Thank you, thank you” FUCKING THANK YOU!!!” I do not believe I have to be PC here ( I have read Berts Writings). My name is Leland Culp. A month or so ago I thought my riding was over for the summer, broken transmission, AGAIN!! IT was sent to you and rebuilt just over a year ago (only 7000 miles). At that time I was told if I ever had a problem with it again you would take care of it.After talking to the shop who did the labor the year before I was told there was no longer a valid warranty and and it would be all my problem to take care of. Therefore done riding for this summer. I failed to mention I have not worked in more than six months, thanks to ASSHOLE employers who want to SCREW you every chance they get and to this wonderful Fucking economy we live in (but that is all another story). Anyway, I got in touch with Andy Friar . After a somewhat lengthy and gentlemanly conversation concerning the issues with the bike , He agreed to do all he could to resolve my problems.


To make a already to long story as short as possible. My transmission was taken out and sent to BAKER,with constant contact between Andy and my shop. According to my mechanic, (referring to Andy) “THAT GUY KNOWS HIS SHIT”!!! I can only agree. My transmission has been rebuilt, for lack of a better term, beefed up and reinstalled. To this point to my 110% satisfaction.


Got my bike back today, 08-16-03, took it for my first ride in over a month (in a total downpour). That would be our first rain in about 3 months. Rather ride in the rain than not ride at all. If I am ever in you area drinks are on me!!! I can only support companies that stand behind their products and even more stand behind their Word, as you have!!!




Leland E. Culp, Gillespie Ill.



Good Morning,


Just got off the phone with Jeff concerning a technical question about my DD7 and the gasket for the VSS. He was very patient and helpful in which I’ve always received with “the question of the day” from Baker. I have a ’08 Street Glide and had the tranny installed at 43,000 miles and now have 86,000 miles loving every mile of the DD7.


Back in the day when thinking of purchasing the DD7, a Sean took a couple of my calls and was extremely helpful in which sold me on the Baker Team.


Thanks again for you Superior Customer Support and Merry Christmas!


Continued Success in 2016,




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