XL6: Sportster 6-Speed


The BAKER™ XL6 is a six-speed overdrive ‘cartridge style’ gearset that converts any existing 1991-2003 Sportster/Buell to a BAKER™ six speed. 2nd through 5th gear ratios are effectively the same as stock, 6th gear is a true overdrive for a 511rpm drop at 75mph.


– 6061-T6 trap door
– Complete gearset including shafts and gears, less the 5th (maindrive) gear pair. 5th gear pair from existing 5-speed is re-used with the XL6 installation.
– Gearset is assembled to the trap door including bearings, thrust washers, and retaining rings.
– Shift drum and detent plate with optimized geometry. No flimsy retaining clip to hold the detent plate to the drum. Ours is bolted on with an machine screw.
– Low effort detent spring.
– Three billet steel shift forks with roller pins and cotter pins.
– Steel template for accurate case modification.
– ‘XL6’ engraved derby cover (Kit PN 202 & 203 ONLY).
– 5 Year limited warranty

XL6 Kit with included parts


Stock gear widths in 1st through 5th were retained and a beefy 6th gear was added. This was accomplished by utilizing an exclusive BAKER dog tooth design that is an industry first for American motorcycles. In using male shift dogs with female dog pockets we are able to slam 6 gears within the allowed envelope. Looking at the S&S cutaway you can see there is no room to waste.

XL6 Gearset Layout

Rear Section Cutaway of Sportster Case

View of 6th Gear in Cutaway Case


Shift Drums
Shift drums have optimized fork pin groove geometry for smoother shifting and the ability to find neutral. Drum detent plate is made out of billet and secured to the drum using a bolt, no more flimsy retaining clip. Choice between a standard or reverse pattern shift system.


Standard Pattern Drum 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Reverse Pattern Drum 6-5-4-3-2-N-1


XL6 Shift Forks

Our shift forks are made out of billet for strength,  bores are machined / polished to a 32 micro finish and then we hard chrome plate them for wear resistance.


Gear Ratio Comparison

Gear 91-95 96-upw/HCR* XL6 XL6w/HCR* XL6 ‘S’ XL6 ‘S’w/HCR*
1st 2.78 2.69 2.61 2.52 2.37 2.29
2nd 2.03 1.97 2.03 1.96 1.88 1.81
3rd 1.49 1.43 1.49 1.44 1.49 1.44
4th 1.22 1.18 1.22 1.18 1.22 1.18
5th 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
6th - - .89 .86 .89 .86


– HCR refers to the 5th gear pair (maindrive gear pair) that is standard O.E.M. equipment from 96-up. The HCR 5th gear pair gives a significant noise improvement in 5 or 6-speeds, in all gear positions, over the
91-95 style gear that it replaced. BAKER recommends HCR usage for most street applications. If the 91-95 style gears are used.
– ‘S’ refers to the S-Ratio option available


RPM Drop From 5th to 6th w/XL6

MPH RPM in 5th RPM in 6th
RPM Drop
65 3162 2719 433
70 3405 2928 477
75 3648 3137 511
80 3891 3346 545


Above data based on a 56/35 primary reduction, 61/27 secondary reduction, and a 25” dia. rear tire


XL6 Part Numbers and Fitment:

PN Description Fitment
201 XL6 Builder’s Kit 91-94 Sportster/Buell
202 XL6 Builder’s Kit 95-03 Sportster/Buell
203 XL6 Builder’s Kit 91-03 S&S Dry XL case
Primary Case Only


S&S XL6 Kit Installed, PN 203

– The ‘XL6’ engraved derby cover is only included in PN  202 & 203
– 5th gear pair is not included in the kits, must be purchased separately
– Add suffix ‘-S’ to the end of the part number for S-Ratio gears; Example 202-S
– Kit PN 203 is for S&S Sportster Cases; these cases have a special bearing door configuration. The image on the right shows an XL6 S&S bearing door installed in a S&S case.
– Add suffix ‘R’ to the end of the part number for Reverse Pattern shift system; Example 202-S-R


Recommended Upgrades
– Sportster Aluminum Pulleys
– Sportster Steel Pulleys
– Reverse Pattern Shift Systems
– Buell Chain Conversion Kits


Click on any of the images below to learn more

XL Aluminum Race Pulley

XL Steel Long Life Pulley

XL 6 Speed Reverse Pattern Shift System

Buell Chain Conversion Kits


Spectro Primary Oil

BAKER XL6 Fluid Capacity Dry: 44-46 fl-oz
BAKER XL6 Fluid Capacity Wet: 40-42 fl-oz


We recommend using Spectro Heavy Duty Primary Chain Case Oil; Click Here to learn more.


Installation Instructions
XL6 Instructions Click Here






XL6 Gearset



1997 Sportster with BAKER XL6 owner: Bikes Build Better of Horsham, PA.



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