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November 21, 2017

Get Hot Baker Stuff Damn Near Half-Off! Limited Reserve, First Come First Serve


Black Friday Special

Black Friday Special: Limited reserve, first come first serve. Needless to say, the spoils go to those who don’t wait.

When the highest discounted amount is sold, we’ve set aside another reserve of that product to be sold for a lesser, but still high discount. For example, when the $1700 GrudgeBox becomes sold out, we’ve set aside a couple of them to be sold for $2500 - still, a helluva deal when you save $895.

The catch? We only tell our inner circle via the email newsletter. Within the next couple of days, at an undisclosed time the email will be sent and let the race begin.

Sign up for the newsletter now, join our inner circle and be the first to know news and discounts from BAKER Drivetrain.

Tip? Those with accounts with our website may move a little faster than those who have to set one up during the purchase process. No purchase necessary in order to register a website account..

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration