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November 03, 2022

Release #32 - October 2022

BAKER Comp Sprocket Kit
Do you often hear a loud 'clunk' in your primary when starting up or turning off your bike? A common issue with the stock Twin Cam and M8 bikes is a failed compensator sprocket. We, at BAKER, wanted to make a stronger, more reliable comp sprocket to fix the factory's issues.

The main benefits of the BAKER Drivetrain Compensator Sprocket Kit are quieter operation, extended durability over stock, and refined function to smooth out the inherent power pulsations of the Twin Cam and M8 motors. This kit features enhanced cam lobe geometry, increased ramp angles, and a circular oil skirt that channels primary lubricant into the cam lobe region. The BAKER Comp Sprocket kit fits 2006-2017 Dyna models and 2007-Later Touring & Softail models. 

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Have you properly aligned your primary chain?
Proper primary chain alignment is a key factor in ensuring the longevity of your bearings and primary sprockets. Without proper primary chain alignment, you may see premature wear on the mainshaft bearings, run out on the mainshaft and the crankshaft, or you may experience some annoying unwanted noise. 
Watch Scott properly align a primary chain with some special tips and tricks!

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Speed-Kings Cycle Supply - Riverside, CA
BAKER Drivetrain Dealer Since 2018
Established in 2011, Speed-Kings Cycle Supply was founded when Steve Edgar had the idea to start a company to help fund his love for building choppers. Steve didn't grow up around motorcycles, but he developed a love for them when the custom chopper scene was booming. Around 2000-2001, he built and modified choppers in his garage at night and worked at Daytec, building 300 style frames, during the day. 
In the early days of Speed-Kings Cycle Supply, Steve sold headlights, taillights, and small parts that he designed and fabricated for choppers.  Steve's intention for Speed-Kings Cycle Supply was for it to be a one-stop shop for all chopper parts. In 2014, he sold his 1981 Shovelhead and bought a 2007 Dyna. He wanted to find out what the hype was all about with these newer models; this single purchase changed his entire perception of newer model bikes. Since 2014, the shop has been specializing in customized parts for performance Dynas, FXRs, and Sportsters. Their most popular products include the Speed-Kings line of risers and handlebars
The primary reason behind Speed-Kings' success is their genuine connection to the industry and to their customers. Everyone who works at his shop are "real riders who genuinely want to help" the community from learning how to wrench to purchasing the right product for their bike. "We aren't trying to sell people things they don't need. We are also customers of our own community". 

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Buy American or Die!
Since 1998, BAKER Drivetrain has been at the forefront of innovation in the American drivetrain industry. And since the beginning, BAKER Drivetrain has been committed to using materials, labor, and creativity that are born or made in the USA.

Check out this interview from 2011 with Cycle Source Magazine and Bert and Lisa Baker talking about their commitment to American-made products and the importance of supporting the American workforce.

Watch Bert and Lisa's Interview
with Cycle Source Magazine 

Ready To Ship Today!
 We know that quick shipment is important to you and your satisfaction means everything to us. We have made many changes over the past two years to make sure most of our top-selling products are on the shelf, readily available to ship within 24 hours of purchase!
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Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration