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December 12, 2022

Release #33 - November 2022

Winterize your bike!
For people in the north, it's time to put away your bike for the winter! Keep your bike happy until it's ready to roll out in the spring with these basic maintenance tips from Scott.
While you're performing annual services on your bike, why not upgrade some components this winter? We recommend updating your transmission seals, bearings, and gaskets with the BAKER Transmission Rebuild Kit. Looking to revamp your primary? Update your primary gaskets and seals with a Primary Rebuild Kit, a BAKER Comp Sprocket Kit, or an Armored Attitude Chain Adjuster. Or if you're ready to level up your riding next year, do it with a new transmission!
Check out Scott's maintenance tips

Need some holiday gift ideas?
The holiday season is the best time of the year, or it could be with these drivetrain upgrades! Treat yourself or your loved ones to the finest drivetrain gifts on the market!
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Gifts under $1000

Danny Wilson - Motorwitch X Collective PHX

Danny Wilson, aka Motorwitch, from Collective PHX, is a sleeper when it comes to engine building. He has been building dependable high-horsepower engines for more than twenty years and has his own line of performance parts. He is a man of many talents and can fabricate or modify anything but he mainly focuses on performance Twin Cams and Milwaukee Eights. With his knowledge and experience, we believe he is one of the world's leading motor builders.

Danny has been on two wheels for about 36 years. He began his two-wheel adventures on dirt bikes but was heavily influenced by his dad, grandpa, and grandma who all rode Harleys, to step into the H-D world. Everyone in his family was a mechanic of some sort, so as long as he can remember, he's been wrenching and tinkering with mechanical machines. This quickly led to building and modifying bikes as his business.

He has built dozens of bikes throughout the years, but his favorite build to this day is his most recent build, Swordfish. Swordfish was originally built for Born Free 13, but was also featured in Michael Lichter's 2022 Motorcycles As Art Exhibit and displayed at the H-D museum in Milwaukee. Check out Scott's interview with Danny about this gorgeous build.
Check out the specs on Swordfish here

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