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Black Friday 2017

Get Hot Baker Stuff Damn Near half-off!

We've set aside a limited reserve of popular products and assigned hefty discount codes for each of them.

With this Black Friday Reserve special deal, when the highest discount is sold off, we’ve set aside the next reserve of the given product to be sold for a lesser, but still a rather high, discount. It's a first come, first serve scenario.

Needless to say, the spoils go to those who don’t wait.

Some simple rules:

    • First come, first serve
    • Limited quantities on the different price points
    • No returns or exchanges
    • No additional discounts, including B-Notes can be applied
    • This program is for online purchasing only

The discount code will be listed in the tab "Black Friday" located below the "Add to Cart" button.

To see all discount codes, click here.

Stop wasting time and get your exclusive discounts below!

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