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BAKER Off-Season Programs

As the riding season ends for many of us, and 2015 comes to an end, excitingly the wrenching season begins! 

At BAKER, we support greasy tinkering. That being said, we want to assist during the wrenching season so all can have a better 2016 riding season!

So, as you can see, we went All-Out in launching a few off-season programs that get you (or a friend if you share this) closer to upgrading to a better ride.


6 BAKER Off-Season Programs:

1. New! Wrenching In A Winter Wonderland 

Greater deals on transmission builder’s kits through your local BAKER Drivetrain dealer

We’ve built a new online ordering system for dealers. To encourage use of the new system this winter wrenching season, we’ve provided special online incentives to dealers on OD6, DD6 and DD7 builders kit’s. Visit your local BAKER Drivetrain dealer today to learn more! 

2. Season’s End Back Door Blowout 

Specials on top of specials, changing daily

We’ve built a site just for the products that we want to get into more bikes on the street, sooner. Separate from the primary, comprehensive BAKER website, this mini-website.

This site lists only discounted products and is set up to handle easy online orders of these discounted items. These items come and go, so check often. Remember to share. These specials are valid through your favorite BAKER dealer as well.

3. It’s Like Free Gambling 

Spend $250 and gain entry to our $1000 drawing

This simple deal is just like it sounds, if you spend over a two-and-a-half Benjamin’s, you’re in. You’re in on the drawing for your chance to win a $1000 BAKER gift certificate. Easy. This program will run until12/23/15.

4. Buy, Store & Get More  

We’ll pay for your winter storage while your new BAKER transmission is installed in your bike

As we seek ways to support the world of productive performance enthusiasts, taking advantage of off-season downtime comes to mind. Proper winterization and storage is an important reality to us residents in northern climates who want to maintain a highly tuned motorcycle. That said, we’ll pay for your winter storage while your local dealer uses the time to upgrade to a BAKER...while you’re sadly not riding due to winter conditions.

5.Power To The Pavement Torque Talk Tour

Learn from the best

Due to popular demand and Bert's desire to preach the good word, he is at it again. At each "Power To The Pavement" Torque Talk Tour, Bert will teach the latest in H-D torque multiplication. Ask your local dealer to arrange for our crew to visit our shop. You'll be able to get burning questions answered. Meet the industry’s top gearhead. See and test ride new products. Lose at transmission trivia. Get smarter, ride harder.

6. Rapid Rebuild Program

We’ll (quickly!) change your gearset if you get it to us

You spoke and we listened – when your bike is down you want fixed right and fast. Who better to repair or upgrade your factory Harley, Big Dog or out of warranty Baker transmission than the Drivetrain Authority themselves?!

With our Rapid Rebuild program you have our promise on two things; First, that your transmission will be repaired or upgraded by the best in the business- at BAKER headquarters, in the same facilities where all of our transmissions are assembled, and second, that it’ll be fixed fast – within a week, actually. You can count on us for a quick turn around with your repair or upgrade, at the most reasonable rate.

You can send us your non-working stock transmission for a full diagnosis and replacement of broken parts, or even your old and tired stock transmission so we can replace the internals with an upgraded BAKER gearset of your choosing – and all in just a week’s time!. Talk to your sales and tech guy today about our Rapid Rebuild program for more details!
Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration