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The BAKER B-Note Rewards Program


The online activities that you do with us reward you between 50-300 points* at a time. Points go toward discounts on your future online purchases.

The Idea

  • Stuff you do online with us rewards you with points.
  • Accrued points convert to BAKER B-Note discount codes. A BAKER B-Note is a discount code that is easily used during the checkout process which comes in 7 denominations between $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $750 and $1000. Just copy/paste the B-Note code to subtract it’s given amount off your purchase total.**
  • For a discount toward your next purchase, merely save your points and right before you decide to buy convert them to B-Notes at the denomination that best suits your purchase.
  • Start by entering the B-Note widget at the bottom/left of this website.

20 points = $1 BAKER B-Note = $1.00 USD on the website (Look at it like this: Each point is like a US nickel.)

Points-Earning Breakdown

200 points

Signing up to our website (<1 minute)

50 points

Sharing an invite on Facebook (<1 minute)

50 points

Sharing an invite on Twitter (<1 minute)

300 points

Referring a friend (<1 minute)

200 points

Having a birthday!

Ok, that’s like $40 in value right there for less than 4 minutes time at the computer! With that savings you can put it toward at least double-that-time’s worth of solo drinking an affordable beer like Natural Light (48 cans).

Plus, you get 1 point for every dollar spent on our website! Spend a dollar, earn a nickel. This adds up quickly.

B-Note Discount Breakdown

500 points

$25 B-Note discount code

1000 points

$50 B-Note discount code

2000 points

$100 B-Note discount code

5000 points

$250 B-Note discount code

10,000 points

$500 B-Note discount code

20,000 points

$1,000 B-Note discount code

**Note: *A BAKER B-Note can be spent on order totals that are double the given denomination or higher; so a $25 B-Note can be spent on orders $50 and above, a $50 is good for $100-up, etc…

Since there is only one discount code input for this during the web store checkout process, only one B-Note can be accepted at a time by our website’s ecommerce system, hence the availability of multiple denominations. Given it’s a discount code, other discount codes can’t be used at the same time as well.

Q: Why don’t we just directly provide store credit instead of this "points" and "B-Notes" system? A: The IRS taxes gift cards and store credit resembles them.

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration