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Notice: Closed Monday, May 27, 2019 to honor the fallen on Memorial Day. We'll see you Tuesday 8am EST.

Winter Storage

Winter Motorcycle Storage program by BAKER Drivetrain

We’ll pay for your winter storage while your new BAKER transmission is installed in your bike

Upgrade to the smoothest, most efficient, easiest shifting transmission this winter. This offer is available with the purchase of a Direct Drive 5-Speed (DD5), Overdrive 6-Speed (OD6), Direct Drive 6-Speed (DD6), Direct Drive 7-Speed (DD7) transmission or builder's kit, as well as our 5 and 6-speed reverse kits.

BAKER will pay, up to $250, for your winter storage while your local dealer uses this time to upgrade you to a BAKER transmission; all while you’re sadly not riding due to winter conditions. What better time to enhance your bike?

Contact your local BAKER Drivetrain dealer and set yourself up to UP-grade in your DOWN-time!

Contact us with any questions about the program. Just ask!

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration