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Black Friday Deal 2019- Klassic Kicker Gears


We started making 6-into-4 transmissions with kickers over five years ago. At the time, we could only purchase some Taiwanese shit kicker gears in volume because nobody made them in the USA anymore and that wasn’t gonna get it. So we tooled up our own right here in Michigan, fuck it. They come standard on all BAKER 4-speeds, 6-into-4's, and kicker kits.Take a pair of imported shit gears and roll the teeth together; they roll like a mismatched pair of gears and are dangerous to have inside your tranny. Klassic Kicker Gears roll smooth as glass. They’re not cheap, but they are the last set you will have to buy.

PN 140-64


  • Made In the USA
  • Smooth Operation
  • Strongest available


  • The peace of mind of not being stranded
  • Won't have to buy kicker gears again
  • Every benefit that goes with buying American
  • 1936-1986 H-D™ Big Twin Kicker Equipped Models
  • Will Work With 14-Tooth H-D™ Starter Gear
  • BAKER 4-Speed, Kicker Equipped Transmissions
  • BAKER 6N4, Kicker Equipped Transmissions


  • PN 33430-56, Starter Gear, 16-Tooth
  • PN 33350-56, Starter Crank, 24-Tooth
  • PN 33560-56, Starter Clutch
  • PN 33393-50, Starter Clutch Key
  • PN 292014, Lock Washer, Starter Crank
  • PN 6N4-SIDE, Side Cover Gasket


Black Friday Deal 2019- Klassic Kicker Gears
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