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May 23, 2023

Featured Dealer of the Month - Bodigon's H-D Motorcycle

Fort Wayne, IN
Phone Number: 260-385-9144


Michelle: Intro to your shop and who you are.

Brad: I’m Brad Bodigon and I own Bodigon’s H-D Motorcycle shop. I have been around the car drag racing world all my life and love everything that goes fast.

Michelle: How long have you been in business?

Brad: We’ve been in business since 2019.

Michelle: What is your shops specialty?

Brad: We specialize in performance American v-twin motorcycles.

Michelle: Does your shop specialize in any specific motorcycle or year group?

Brad: We work on Harleys only. Typically 1984 and newer. Our bread and butter would be the Twin Cam and M8s.

Michelle: Does the shop have a Dyno in house?

Brad: We have Mark Harrel tune all our bikes at the shop. He’s a well-known name in the dyno world.

Michelle: How long have you been riding?

Brad: I have been riding going on 10 years. I couldn’t own a bike when I lived at home, so when I moved out, that’s when I bought my first Harley.

Michelle: What bikes do you own/ride?

Brad: I have four Road Glides myself. Both Twin Cam and M8 platforms. My favorite would be my ’16 Road Glide that runs on ethanol. It has the BAKER GrudgeBox in it!

Michelle: Do you ever drag race with any of your bikes?

Brad: I actually just built a new (to me) drag racing bike this winter. I’ve been out on it a few times to test-n-tune.

Michelle: What are your favorite BAKER products?

Brad: It would probably have to be the GrudgeBox.

Michelle: What is your favorite bike your shop has built with a BAKER product in it?

Brad: We have a customer that has a trike that makes some stupid power for a trike. It’s a big built engine with a GrudgeBox. He’s a huge fan of your GrudgeBox because he’s an amputee and he has an air shifter. Being that we can order the N1 shift pattern for that transmission, he can put the bike in neutral easily. He loves being able to put it into neutral all the way down.

Michelle:  Any cool news about your shop?

Brad: We’ve rapidly grown every year since we’ve opened.

Michelle: Do you host any events? If so, what is the biggest or most important event?

Brad: We’ve had open houses and what not, but not typically because we’re so damn busy.

Michelle: What does American made mean to you?

Brad:  American made means that the money stays here in our country. Basically, providing for another American family. Your money is not going over to a third world country. And customer support is 100 times better.

Michelle: What is the best way for a new customer to contact you?

Brad: Phone or Facebook is the best way.

Michelle: Anything else you’d like to add?

Brad: My wife and the two guys that work for me have been with me since damn near the beginning. I’m really thankful for the both of them and what they can do. 



Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration