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At BAKER Drivetrain we stand behind American made products, the American Big Twin culture and the honest-to-goodness American. Our products contribute to this precious corner of Americana. We hope you do too.  

BAKER products are made by American's in the biker culture. This economy keeps the cash in our core community and prevents from draining it into lands afar that do damage to this. It's hard to look at people with foreign imitations and take them too seriously when they invest in the drain. It's hard to watch them wave Old Glory when their knock-off is a symbol of how they supported jobs and outbound foreign cash flow in exchange for disposable hoaxes that they have to replace again, and again.

That being said, we're eager and proud to support what we make. It's an investment in not just top-of-the-line performance and durability, but in the lifestyle we love. So we have operators standing by, All-in and at the ready, maintaining the American Big Twin economy by urgently making sure you are always squared-away. As a great American brand we've got to do all we can to make sure your experience is excellent. We love to do it.

What support looks like

Aside from our generous warranty with quick turn-around, we're upgrading our technology to manage them and those who are entitled to them.  We've enabled quick-to-use real-time chat service on this website so you can get to a human as fast as possible to get questions answered. We have one of the fastest Facebook inbox response times in the industry too, often staffed by the CEO Lisa Baker herself. We're listening and looking for more ways we can be of better service to you. Let us know. 

We do this for all (who respect our community)

We take support seriously because you've supported us, the American families that we employ in the Detroit industrial corridor and the economy around the riding community that we all love. We're hell-bent on helping you and don't want to hold back in doing so. We're All-in to go All-out...for you. 



Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration