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Yes, we'll be at the V-Twin Dealer Expo in Cincinnati!

Bert Baker, the grand gearhead himself, presents the next generation overdrive for late model applications. Dealers will learn how the helical and straight cut GrudgeBox gearsets will improve street, strip and dyno performance.

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Gerry's BAKERy: Classic Case Of All-In To Go All-Out...

December 14, 2016

A Classic Case Of All-In To Go All-Out...and he's cashing in on all he can. Gerry wrote us a blurb about his experience so far in this endeavor that he committed to and we thought we'd share with you.

From the Vault: WWBW - What Would Bert Write?

December 14, 2016

Baker manufacturingAt Baker Drivetrain we don’t just do what we do to make a living. We live and breathe every part of it. All-in, all-out. Commitment is core to who we are. Compromises are for imported knockoff supporters doing things half-ass and putting quality second.

So to help share our world with you we've got a fair share of wild stories, insider advice and tune-up tips waiting up our sleeves. Even if anything else we do doesn’t obey to any rules or back down from the nay-sayers, it feels just right to properly introduce ourselves before we let you in on our dark side. In this inaugural edition From The Vault, here we zip back to 2007 with this article from Bert that rants about what separates Baker Drivetrain from the chumpetition.


Oil And Spiders

December 14, 2016

More transmissions than you might believe get returned to BAKER Drivetrain for repair because the end user forgot to put oil in the unit. The complaint is usually excessive noise and difficulty shifting gears. Upon disassembly, we find gear teeth with beautiful hues of blue, gold, and purple. When we notify the customer of our findings, quite often they will swear up and down that they put oil in the transmission. But there are only two ways that gear teeth turn blue, gold, and purple. The first way is to closely examine the gear teeth in bright sunlight about two hours after dropping three hits of acid. The second way is for gears to run without oil. Gear teeth turning blue, gold, and purple bathed in oil is as likely as President Obama having one of those special cone shaped white hoods in his closet...

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration