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BAKER Drivetrain is pleased to announce our new BAKER Gearhead Transmission Trade-in Program, which replaces our Rapid Rebuild Program effective immediately.

If you have a BAKER Drivetrain transmission in your bike or in your possession you are one of us - a BAKER Gearhead! If your BAKER transmission needs repair, as a BAKER Gearhead you automatically qualify for a significant credit towards the purchase of a new transmission in exchange for the return of your original unit. A brand-new transmission will always perform better than a rebuilt unit. Attributes like shift quality, gear noise, aesthetic appearance, and dependability will be the very best we are able to manufacture on a new unit.

Please contact us at (517) 339-3835 for details on the trade-in value of your used transmission. The actual dollar amount of your trade-in allowance will be determined based on the original purchase price, purchase date, transmission type, original options purchased (special shift drums, gear ratios, etc.), application (bike style, motor output), mileage, and functionality of the unit. The maximum trade-in value varies according to product family, as follows:

Current Transmission Type Trade-in Allowance* 
DD6 up to $600
OD6 up to $650
DD7 up to $550
GrudgeBox up to $500


*Trade-in values are not fixed and are subject to change. Trade-in allowance can be used toward the purchase of any gearset (listed above) and configuration (does not have to be a direct replacement for the original unit). All transmissions purchased under the BAKER Gearhead Trade-in program will receive a 2-year warranty with UNLIMITED mileage!

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