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When in doubt, follow the instructions...or at least "be inspired" by them. Actually, maybe you should just go ahead and scan through them before you dive into something you haven't messed with before. Below are PDF files that you can review before you work on your drivetrain-related wrenching...

Current Products

Plus 1.5 Oil Pan 

4-Speed N1 Instructons

4-Speed Top Cover Kit

6-into-4 Instructions 

95E-07 Cruise Drive Recal Box

95E-56A Speedo Calibrator 

Attitude Adjuster Instructions 

Clutch Rod Modification Instructions

Compensator Sprocket for Twin Cam and M8 Models

Belt Drive Clutch Service Pack

Billet Kicker Cover Instructions

Cruise Drive DD7 Hydraulic Side Cover Instructions

Cruise Drive DD7 Top Cover

Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit



DD7 Exploded Views

Early Model Comp Sprocket


GrudgeBox - Insco 3.15 1st gear

Heavy Duty Throwout Bearing Kit

High Torque Bearing Kit

Ignition Kill Wiring

King Kong-service-pack 

Klassic Kicker Gears

LSD FF Hydraulic Side Cover Instructions

Main Drive Gear Bearing Replacement Kit for late models

OD6 Instructions

Primary Race Instructions

Shovel Clutch Instructions

Shifter pawl

S&S Cycle Oil Adaptor Kit

Street Performance 9-Plate Clutch Instructions

TorqueBox Instructions 

Transmission Rebuild Kit Instructions

Cruise Drive Transmission Rebuild Kit Instructions

Transmission Sprocket Installation Instructions

Twin Cam Softail Oil Line Adaptor Kit


Archived Products

Plus 1 Oil Pan (1 Piece)

Plus 1 Oil Pan (2 Piece)

9-plate BDM Clutch Service Kit

2007 Compensating Sprocket Kit

3-Speed Instructions

4-Speed Instructions

Big Dog Belt Drive Addendum

Big Dog Belt Drive Instructions

Big Dog Service Manual

Big Dog Transmission Cross Reference 

Buell XL Chain Conversion Instructions

Bully Primary Kit


DD6R Instructions

DD7 Maindrive Gear Tool





 F6R with Safety Solenoid

F6R Addendum for 2017-Later Models

FFP: Function Formed Primary



FLH-FLT Oil Spout Installation Instructions

GrudgeBox Installation Instructions for 3.20 1st gear

King Kong Clutch Instructions

Main Drive Gear Bearing Service Kit Instructions

OD6, 6N4, Frankentranny 1st Gear Change, 3-27-12

OD6R Addendum & Exploded Views

PowerBox LSD Exploded Views

PowerBox RSD Exploded Views

Right Side Drive Builder’s Kit Instructions

Softail Belt Drive Instructions

Softail Belt Drive Exploded View

Stash Tube Instructions

Tin Type Primary Instructions

Tool A Instructions 

Voyuer Top Cover Instructions

XL6 Instructions


Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration
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