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April 24, 2023

Featured Event of the Month - Dream Rides of TN Drag Races


Michelle: What motivated you to put on this event?

John: Many years ago, I used to drag race at the Sacramento drag strip. It was a ton of fun, then life happened and I hadn't been on a track in years. We were up in Sturgis last August, and we went to the seventh annual free BAKER drags and ran the bike. It reminded me of how much fun it was! On the drive back home, my wife and I were discussing it, and I found a drag strip near our shop. Probably about 30 minutes away in Tennessee. We decided to put on our own fun drags, similar to what you guys do. So far, it's been a huge success and a lot of fun!


Michelle: How often does this event happen?

John: We are shooting for at least once a month. The one challenging thing is dealing with weather. We have had two dates in April that we had to cancel because we were rained out. We have two dates in May that we're shooting for. But a minimum of once a month. 

Michelle: How long have you been drag racing?

John: I am a novice racer at best. My brother, myself, and a bunch of guys  would go to the Sacramento drag strip about ten years ago. Until last August, I hadn't been on a track in seven or eight years.

Michelle: Why should people attend your event? 

John: The reason people should attend our event is because drag racing is a lot of fun! I would argue that racing a motorcycle on a drag strip, especially since we're only doing an 1/8th mile drag, is more safe than running your bike down the interstate. If people don't have the experience of what it feels like to be on the drag strip and being able to see your times and watch yourself improve, you're really missing out! Our events, so far, have brought out 80-90% of people that have never been on the drag strip before. And to see the level of excitement and enthusiam and eveything is infectious!

Michelle: What should people expect with your event?

John: The way our events go so far, we're doing what is called a test-n-tune. For test-n-tune nights, you line up against your buddy and run down the track and see who has the fastest time and really, what's most important is to see your time versus your last time. The vast majority of us are not proficient drag racers and the vast majority of us, even if you have a stock bike, the bike can go faster than what we can pilot the bike. That's the fun of it. So overall on what to expect, just having a really good time!

Michelle: Where can people find more information?

John: Check out our social media or my personal social media. Dream Rides of Tennessee on Facebook and Instagram

Michelle: Is there anything else you'd like to add about your event?

John: Just get on your motorcycle and when you drag race, it's a lot of fun!


Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration