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Harley Custom Parts/FXR parts

At BAKER Drivetrain, we like to believe that the best kind of rebuild is an upgrade. We can help you with that with our extensive lineup of aftermarket Harley-Davidson custom parts and accessories are made right here in America with quality and performance as our ethos – staged here, at the ready, waiting for your beck and call.

One of our favorites at BAKER is our King Kong Clutch Kit that will waste no power through slippage. The King Kong Clutch housing holds twenty 7-inch diameter single sided K2 friction plates. This massive array of surface area is a sure bet to carry the highest torque load to your wheel.

There is such thing as too much torque if you’re not set up to handle it. Such forces can be hard on your ride and puts a lot of stress on the system, often starting with your motor sprocket, drive belt or chain. When your engine is tuned-up and running over 107ci displacement, it can be noticed the life of your primary belt diminishes quickly base on how much abuse you put on the drivetrain. Along with our primary drive and of course, complete transmissions and clutches, our offset sprockets, and our proven 530 chains help to take that high torque stress for you abusive riders. Our tip here is not to overlook the ancillary parts of the system.

At BAKER, we have Harley-Davidson performance in mind. We’ve seen the tragedy of a bike that is, “all go no show.” Why don’t you show your “go”? To us, the coolest look on a bike is that of performance, so change the look of your Harley with a new primary drive housing made by BAKER- the beautifully finished exterior casing that respects the heritage of the all-American look, but most of all it screams customized performance.

Whatever you require for your Harley, BAKER Drivetrain has you covered with the highest quality aftermarket parts and accessories available to keep your Harley Davidson humming. Call us at (517) 339-3835 to learn more about our Harley custom parts and Harley FXR parts and accessories.

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration