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Harley Rebuild/Build Your Own Harley

Nothing screams freedom like ripping down the countryside on a Harley-Davidson, the reigning platform of cruising, especially if you customize or build your own Harley to any degree. Now picture the perfect ride - cool summer air whipping at your jacket, the sun just starting to wane on the horizon, the thunderous rumble of the hog. The open road is all yours and feels like it was made just for you. Here at BAKER we know the feeling of a Harley-Davidson running at its best. We can take your ride to the next level with our wide selection of premium aftermarket drivetrain parts made right here in the U.S.A. We make the feeling of freedom better.

At BAKER Drivetrain, we can tune your Harley Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Touring, or other model to support most any drivetrain performance specs you are looking for. Our entire lineup of All-American aftermarket parts will help you to increase the life, feel, efficiency and performance of your Harley rebuild. We have got the parts perfect for you ranging from tranny rebuild kits to new shift levers, oil pans, clutch rebuild kits, lubricants, and much more all made with the quality and performance you can expect from BAKER Drivetrain.

Consider the Frankentranny kicker build kit for your 1990-2006 five-speed. After extensive research and development, at BAKER we are proud to provide the Frankentranny transmission kit which came from effectively combining a 4-speed kicker with a high-performance BAKER six-speed gearset to create a scientifically evolved Chimera-like force, just like the story of Frankenstein’s monster.

With the perfect ride in mind, we know the right parts for your Harley-Davidson rebuild or mod can make the difference. When you order from the BAKER Drivetrain product line, there is reassurance that you are getting the best of the best to keep your time cruising, worry free and stress free. Whether you’re one of those chopper buffs who like to push customization to unseen levels, or a performance freak itchin’ to jam your way into fifth as quick as possible, BAKER has the right aftermarket parts to keep your all-American Harley-Davidson gliding.

Build your own Harley with a little help from BAKER. Call us at (517) 339-3835 to start planning your Harley drivetrain superenhancements.    

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration
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