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Virtual Dealer Program

Let's forward funds to you

Within this new website, we have created a free paradigm-shifting service for our precious dealers. We set up a system so you get paid 20% retail cost when your web traffic comes to it and makes a purchase. We call it the BAKER "Virtual Dealer Program".
There are 3 basic steps to it:
  1. Sign up (takes 15 seconds)

  2. Share Assigned Link (anywhere online, done in minutes)

  3. Collect Funds (and cash out, do it slow and enjoy every second of it)

Our web developer did a quick test while checking some settings on the back end. Due to that, he inadvertently made $100 while sleeping at night. During this test he shared his assigned link on Facebook at the end of the day, then a Facebook acquaintance bought a $500 product at night. He got his 20%. This scenario is designed for you.
All you have to do is jump over here: 
Click Here To Begin
...and sign up with name and email - done! 
Then move onto Step 2 by sharing the unique link that you will be assigned upon sign up. It is through this link that we know you're the one sending the customer. In there, we provide quick tools so you can share it, on the spot, in minutes. 
The better you are at Step 2, the better your Step 3 will be.
Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration
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