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Run what you brung! Free Drag Racing In Sturgis!

June 21, 2017

BAKER Drivetrain is enabling the public to go all-out on their motorcycle by bringing back the FREE drag races. Run what you brung!
Free On-Site GrudgeBox Installs During Sturgis Bike Week

June 21, 2017

We're known for providing free installation of top, select products during the motorcycle rallies that we attend. Added to the list for Sturgis 2017 is the new GrudgeBox.
From the Vault: Bert Baker’s Organ Donor: Final Assembly and build wrap-up

June 06, 2017

If you’ve been following the saga of Bert Baker’s Organ Donor, the payoff you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Get your popcorn, fill up that double-size Big Gulp, rip open that bag of Twizzlers, and keep your waxy Milk Duds close at hand because we’ve got a beast of a blockbuster for you. Weighing in at the size of a Mama Grizzly, the Organ Donor finally hits the pavement in Daytona with a roar.

In the latest edition of From the Vault, read how Bert and his crew add the clutch actuator, shift controls, seat, wheels, brake, and battery to this rumblin’ beauty. Building a custom bike is damn hard work to do it right, but Bert Efffin Baker is not one to shy away from the grind, and neither is his team of talented gearheads. It’s the final countdown:

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration