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January 15, 2018

March 15, 2018 (Contest Ended)


Submit your pic! 

The Like My Bike contesting gallery is a place where we allow fellow gearheads to show off their rides with BAKER products. Since we're at it, might as well make it a contest; a mid-month voting contest every odd-numbered month.

All in good fun the game is simple: The bike photo with the most votes a free BAKER T-shirt of choice. Done.

To play is easy:

  1. Post your bike with a BAKER product here
  2. Share it and urge your friends to come back here to vote for your bike
  3. Don't let the next guy get more votes than you

The top photo submission with the most votes by noon EDT March 15, 2018 wins a free shirt. 

Only one vote per user allowed.

We know you got a pic of your bike at hand so might as well submit it...and share it for your chance to win!

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration