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March 17, 2022

Featured Dealer of the Month - April 2022


Fuel Moto
Appleton, WI 
Phone Number: 920-423-3309
Website URL:


Q: What is your specialty? 

Fuel Moto specializes in EFI tuning, aftermarket performance parts, and custom engine builds. 

Q: Does your shop specialize in any specific motorcycle or year group? 

We mainly work on Harley and other American V-Twin makes (such as Indian), but we will build, modify, or tune virtually anything that is fuel-injected!

Q: How long have you been in business?

Since 2004

Q: What bikes do you own/ride? 

We currently have a 2021 Road Glide, 2020 Road Glide, 2018 Road King, 2021 Pan-America, 2012 Dyna Switchback, and 2021 Lowrider S that will be replaced within a month or two by our new 2022 Lowrider ST!

Q: What are your favorite BAKER products?

Our favorite Baker products are by far the M8 Grudgebox and Baker compensator. We’ve used them on countless builds with excellent results. 

Q: What is your favorite bike your shop has built with a BAKER product in it?

The best bike we built so far with Baker products would be our 2018 Road King. The Grudgebox in it has withstood countless dyno pulls, quick (clutch less) shifts, and launches over thousands of miles. All while coupled to a 143 cubic inch engine producing in excess of 200 wheel horsepower.

Q: Do you have any interesting or funny BAKER related stories? 

I don’t have any “funny” stories per se regarding the brand, only the fact that we basically started our relationship one day due to a customer who had blew his stock transmission after one of our builds. After installing a Grudgeboxes here and there, we decided to carry them. We had no idea we would ship and install so many transmissions the following year! We’re happy to back and sell a top-tier quality, American-made product.

Q: Any cool news about your shop?

The latest news from us is that we’re happy to be growing at the rate we are. We finished a 5,000 square foot addition within the last year, hired a handful of people, and decided to sign on with V-Twin Visionary for their 2022 VTV USA Tour.

Q: Do you host any events? If so, what is the biggest or most important event?

Besides the VTV tour, we’ll also be at a few large rallies in Wisconsin. These include the Tomahawk Fall Ride (September 15-18), King of the Baggers at Road America (June 3-5), and the Hometown Rally in Milwaukee (September 1-5). We are also planning to accommodate enthusiasts for Shark Week 2022 in Appleton (August 2-4)!




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