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March 26, 2024

Featured Dealer of the Month - Get Lowered Cycles

Get Lowered Cycles
BAKER Dealer since 2020
Phone: 215-394-8409
Warminster, PA

Michelle: Could you tell me about your shop, Get Lowered Cycles? 

Mike: We're a performance shop. We're based out of Warminster, Pennsylvania, so we're about half an hour outside of Philly. Harley-Davidsons is solely what we work on here. It's just custom Harley-Davidson models and focused on more performance builds. So we do a lot of dyno tunes, a lot of motor work; It's our specialty. We do also have our website,, which is a large portion of our business. So we do a lot of e-commerce, shipping, and receiving. 

Michelle: How long has Get Lowered Cycles been around? 

Mike: I've been doing it pretty much full time since 2009. I started the company right out of high school, so I've been doing it since I was 17 years old.


Michelle: Have you always been working on motorcycles or tinkering in the garage? Why did you decide to choose this career path?

Mike: My dad's always been working on bikes out of his garage, so that's how I got the started and where the interest of Harleys came from. And then along with him working in the garage, he needed parts, so I would try and locate the parts for him and get them and that's how we started selling the parts online. Then that kind of slowly grew from there all the way since 2009 to where we're at now. 
Michelle: You said you work on performance bikes. Is there any specific year group your shop typically works on? 


Mike: We definitely do a lot more brand new bikes. So, a lot of the M8 motors.  We'll get brand new bikes off the showroom from dealerships and build them up exactly how the customer wants it. 

Michelle: Very cool! Do you do any work on older models as well?

Mike: We do. So if it's Harley-Davidson, we'll work on it. The M8s have been so popular for us, at least in our area... it is what I would say the focus is now. But we still work on a couple Ironheads and Shovelheads a year.

Michelle: Since you do performance work, do you have an a dyno in house? 

Mike: Yes, we do have a dyno. We have the 250 here. I think we've had that for probably about four or five years now.

Michelle: Does the shop have any shop bikes you promote or any personal bikes that you just love that you've built? 

Mike: Yeah, so we've got a couple. We just finished our Low Rider ST and the El Diablo. That's up on a couple of blog posts and there's some social media posts about it. We're actually currently working on our 2020 Road Glide. We're gonna be doing a 143 motor in it and all the extras that should be with it. 


Michelle: What kind of upgrades did you make to the El Diablo to make it one of your favorites? 

Mike: The main thing we did is we took all the black parts off it and switched everything to chrome. It's got all chrome motor parts, the chrome exhaust on it. Also has chrome Lyndall wheels along with a lot of other chrome components, and put different bars on it. We used a T-Man Performance 130 inch motor in it and it has a D&D exhaust on it also. 

Michelle: How many custom builds do you typically do in a year? 

Mike: So every year we do a lot of cam installs and motor builds. We'll probably do like three to five a month. And for full bike builds, we probably do four or five a year. These full builds are typically from ground up custom. 


Michelle: What are your favorite BAKER products?

Mike: So for Baker, we definitely use the GrudgeBox a lot for our performance builds. We also combine the GrudgeBox with the Attitude Adjuster and the Compensator kit. I mean between those three we use them pretty often. 

Michelle: Thank you! We appreciate it. What other favorite aftermarket companies do you typically go with? 

Mike: For transmissions, we use Baker! For exhausts, we tend to stick with Horsepower Inc. or D&D. We also use SP Concepts exhausts a lot. Our go-to, for motor work is T-Man performance.


Michelle: How many people do you currently having working at the shop? 

Mike: I would say three of us on the service side. And then overall between like the warehouse, customer service, shipping, and receiving... there's eight of us total. 

Michelle: Well you guys make it seem like you're like a lot bigger so that's awesome!


Mike: Yeah, we're pretty streamlined and efficient with things so we definitely stay busy on that side. 
Michelle: Do you customize any parts in house or have your own line of products?

Mike: We don't. We kind of pick and choose what kind of manufacturers we like dealing with and we stick with that. I never really felt a need to branch out or make our own stuff. 

Michelle: Do you attend any bike events throughout the year or do you host any events?

Mike: We don't really set up or sponsor anything just because we're so busy in the shop. And we do a lot through our social media. We'll probably be hosting an open house at our shop in the near future. 


Michelle: What does American made mean to you? 

Mike: So that's definitely becoming more important. I would say we have a lot of customers that specifically will ask or look for that. So anytime we can have American made products, we will. And there's a couple brands that we kind of stopped carrying too just because they weren't made in America and their quality is lacking. We do stop carrying brands if we don't like it and most of them are usually like imported items. Anytime something is American made, we definitely like to try and have that selection. 

Michelle: Anything else you'd like to add?

Mike: Our website is kind of like the big, big thing that we do and our customers can contact us via the website, social media, phone, or email. 

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