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March 23, 2023

Featured Event of the Month - Speed Kings Cycle's Drag Racing


Michelle: What motivated you to put on this event?

Steve: Well, In the last few years I've seen the scene moving harder and harder into the performance arena. The track racing has come in and really pushed things to the next level. But, during this I had noticed the lack of drag race events. This used to be a staple in vtwin racing and it is something I wanted to help bring back. So we teamed up with Ramming Speed and are putting on our first series. 

Michelle: Do you drag race? If yes, how long have you been racing?

Steve: I personally do not drag race as of yet. However, I have a bike that I plan on getting going for the upcoming events we have setup for the year and get myself on the track. Time to learn a proper launch!!

Michelle: Why should people attend this event? What should they expect?

Steve: People should attend this event if they like High Octane Vtwin fun! This will be the beginning to many races we plan to push out. Our goal is to host one in the Spring and one in the Fall giving competitors time to  build up and practice in between. While offering a safe space for people to put their money where their mouth is and see who really is the fastest!

We will also have bands, vendors and just a fun place to hang out to spectate. 

Michelle: Will there be classes?

Steve: There will not be classes. This is true grudge match racing. People can race people they know or just line up to see how fast they are against the clock. This will allow people like me who have never raced before a location to work out their nerves and hopefully bring more people to vtwin racing. 

Michelle: Will there be prizes?

Steve: No official prizes at this first event. Bragging rights are the ultimate prize!

Michelle: Where can people find more information?

Hit the EVENTS tab on our site. We have the flyer and information there.


Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration