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February 03, 2017 News Archive
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From the Vault: What Buying a Baker Means

We’re going to blow your mind: At Baker Drivetrain, we’re not a fan of knockoff transmissions. It’s not just because they’re an affront to quality, dependability, and everything American manufacturing stands for. It’s not even because offshore drivetrain products are so disposable they might as well have Huggies on the label. It’s deeper than that. Knockoff transmissions are a slap in the face of an American art form: The culture of American V-Twin motorcycling.

In the latest edition of our From the Vault feature, we zip back to 2006 to see Bert tell it like it is about imposters and how speaking with your wallet can help preserve the spirit of American motorcycle culture. Let’s dive in:

Bert Baker, Buy Baker


They are called imports, knockoffs, copycats, and offshore transmissions. They are all the same; copies of a Baker Drivetrain design made in China or Korea. We refer to them as ‘BIC lighter’ or disposable transmissions because there is no customer support after the sale. They can’t get technical questions answered or service parts so they call us, tell us their sad story, and buy one of our products. The next time they go fishing they use their BIC lighter transmission as an anchor.

Some may take this as a plea for you to buy BAKER Drivetrain products because the copycats are hurting our business. Not so. Our sales increased 50% this year over last year. Their well-known reliability problems and lack of customer support after the sale are boosting our business. Instead, this is a wake-up call for those who love our sport. The culture of American V-Twin motorcycling is rich and pure and is propagated by American companies and Americans who are devoted to advancing the art form.

I am asking you to do your part in keeping our American art form, V-twin motorcycling, pure and true. When you purchase a knockoff transmission you are sending your money overseas and growing their culture and weakening ours. Hell, I don’t care, buy a Jims transmission or some gears from Andrews but don’t buy their foreign crap. I promise you the yingyangs don’t care about our motorcycle culture or the advancement of our art form; they just want your money.

When I die I will be placed face down in my casket so all the Asian scumbags who have tainted our sport of American V-Twin motorcycling can kiss my ass. Until then, we at BAKER Drivetrain will continue to bring you the best drivetrain products money can buy, before and after the sale.

If you agree with the statements made and sentiments expressed, then do me a favor. Scratch that. Do us all a favor. Next time you see a Chinaman displaying his knockoff crap at a dealer show or major event turn around, drop your drawers, and moon his ass.


We want to keep the perfection going. BAKER Drivetrain will not fail you. We have got a name to keep and the smallest embarrassment shall be rectified, damn it. But, if your products do not satisfy you for some supernatural reason, we have your back…for life. Call us. We support our product with free English-speaking phone support and advice. For 2006 we’re announcing the:


Ok, this really isn’t a big deal. We’ve essentially have been practicing this already to stand by our product and keep an eye out for any potential improvements. Another reason it isn’t a big deal is because the stuff really doesn’t come back too often. The point: Our product out performs and holds its own against cheap knock-offs. They ask how we do this? No secret. Made in the USA actually does mean something. American drive, ingenuity and manufacturing does pay off. We’ve been proving it for years by employing all these stray misfits we have found here in Michigan.

Ultimately, owning a BAKER is the spirit of the American V-Twin culture. We’re proud Americans dedicated to just doing shit right, we creatively do it our way, and we’ve got your back. We, of course, encourage you to join the un-ranks of satisfied BAKER supporters that know they are riding the finest drivetrain products available for our American bikes.

Bert Baker

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration