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June 17, 2022

Release #29 - June 2022

How It's Made

Have you ever wondered how a motorcycle transmission is made? Ten years ago, our BAKER 6-into-4 transmission was featured on the Discovery Channel TV show How It’s Made. After a week of intense filming at our production facility the Discovery Channel crew produced an entertaining (although G-rated for television) and informative segment documenting our manufacturing process. We are proud of this feature, and any Gearhead will enjoy taking a rare look behind the scenes at BAKER Drivetrain.

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The BAKER 6-into-4

A 6-speed transmission for 4-speed motorcycles?!

Absolutely! Our BAKER 6-into-4 is a true overdrive 6-speed to replace stock 4-speeds, designed to satisfy old-school tendencies while providing the ability to run at reasonable RPMs at modern highway speeds. The 6-into-4 gearset design is based on our original, award-winning, Overdrive 6-speed and is tough as nails. With our 6-into-4 you’ll get all the benefits of an overdrive top gear, smooth shifting, and the ability to stay in the powerband. Upgrade any 1936-1986 Big Twin 4-speed to a 6-speed overdrive with the BAKER 6-into-4!

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Class #19 - What Grinds Your Kicker Gears?

Got yourself a new set of kicker gears? Make sure to check these typical weak spots before installing a new kicker gear kit!

When it comes to replacing the common wear items on a 4-speed, most people prefer tearing things apart and installing any upgrades once and only once. In Gearhead Class #19, Scott recommends three elements to check or upgrade to ensure the longevity of your brand-new kicker gears.

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Jacob Conard

You’re never too old to start something new. Jacob Conard is solid proof of that. Seven years ago, he decided to drink the Kool-Aid and get a Harley. That single purchase changed his life. His background in self-taught fabrication led Jacob to customize his Sportster, which caught the eye of Jesse James. Now, working for Jesse, he is expanding his skill set and is on the path to becoming one of the most well-known bike builders in the industry. Watch out for this newbie because he is undoubtedly making waves in the motorcycle world!

Check out Jacob's Born Free Bike

Stevenson's Cycle

We paid a visit to Steve Broyles at Stevenson's Cycle in Wayne, Michigan where he's been grindin' out award-winning bikes since 1969. Steve and his son specialize in customizing, repairing, and servicing Harley-Davidson motorcycles. When they're not wrenching in the shop, Steve and his crew head to compete in the Sons of Speed races across the country. They're also heavily involved in the industry and hop from one event to the other including hosting the Old School Chopper Show in Sturgis! Their bike show will be on Monday, August 8th at the Full Throttle Saloon. Don't miss out on this extraordinary event!

Learn more about the Old School Chopper Show

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