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June 21, 2023

Release #40 - June 2023

Motorcycle Clinic - Celebrating 50 Years!

Kissimmee, Florida-based Motorcycle Clinic celebrates its 50th anniversary! As industry veterans with 50 years behind them, they have a few tips for other shops. They've done everything from contributing to the Fatboy manufacturing for the Terminator 2 3-D ride at Universal Studios to helping with motorcycle testing in court cases. Discover more about this accomplished shop by clicking on the link below.

Read more about Motorcycle Clinic here

Born-Free Motorcycle Show

BAKER Drivetrain is a proud sponsor of the Born-Free Motorcycle Show. This year's event will take place June 24-25 in Silverado, California. Born-Free Motorcycle Show is the largest motorcycle event on the west coast. This two-day event welcomes anyone and everyone with a love for all motorcycles but focuses on vintage builds and custom performance bikes. This show also raffles off two customized bikes every year. This year, the event will give away a fully customized 1991 FXR built by San Diego Customs on Saturday and a custom 1957 Panhead on Sunday. Don't miss out on your chance to win one of these two bikes!

Check out the types of bikes at Born-Free Motorcycle Show

Klassic Kicker Gear Kit

The BAKER Klassic Kicker Gears roll smooth as glass. Get the peace of mind of not being stranded ever again. This will fit 1936-1986 H-D Big Twin kicker-equipped models and will work with a 14-Tooth H-D starter gear. As always, made in the USA!

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Biltwell People's Champ 2023

BAKER Drivetrain is sponsoring Biltwell's People's Champ competition!

The purpose of this competition is to bring exposure to unknown builders. Biltwell's team reviews hundreds of applications before selecting the first 20 builders. The public will then vote the first 20 down to the lucky six. Once the final six builders are selected, the Biltwell crew sends their media team to each to get videos of their builds. On Friday, June 23, 2023, these six builders will meet at a location approximately 50 miles from Cook's Corner for their final test. To ensure that their beautiful custom builds are functional, each builder must start their motorcycle and ride it to Cook's Corner. It will be at Cook's Corner that the winner is announced!

The final online voting is June 20-23, 2023. Who will you vote to be crowned this year's champ!?

Watch what the final six built

Vote here!

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration