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February 12, 2024

Release #47- January 2024

Gearhead Newsletter #47 - January 2024
Show Your Bike Some Love This Winter!
Springtime is just around the corner; it's time to show your ride some love before the roads clear up!
Regular maintenance is key to keeping your motorcycle running smoothly, especially in colder weather. Here's why winter maintenance matters:
1. Winter Maintenance is Essential: Don't neglect your two-wheeled companion during the colder months. Winter maintenance is crucial to ensure your motorcycle performs at its best when spring rolls around.
2. Extend Your Bike's Life: Give your bike the TLC it deserves! Winter maintenance not only keeps your ride in top condition but also extends its lifespan. A little effort now goes a long way in preserving the longevity of your motorcycle.
One easy way to help your high-mileage rebuild process is to use the BAKER TRK (Transmission Rebuild Kit). When your transmission is calling for some attention, this kit has your back! BAKER has crafted this kit to make your rebuild as smooth as possible. After installation, enjoy reduced bearing noise with high-quality bearings and bid farewell to those pesky leaks with included gaskets and seals. Experience the difference and say hello to a quieter, smoother transmission after this kit’s installation. Your motorcycle will thank you with enhanced performance on the open road.
Give your bike the care it deserves this winter. Embrace the road ahead with confidence!
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Rev Up Your Rebuild: Expert Tips and Tools for a Seamless Transmission Overhaul!
Before you grab your BAKER Transmission Rebuild Kit, dive into this video for expert insights on optimizing your transmission overhaul. Join Andy as he unveils essential tips and recommended tools that will not only make the rebuild process easier but also ensure a smoother experience this winter.
Did You Fully Winterize Your Bike?
As winter blankets the world, motorcycle enthusiasts know it's more than just a season change—it's a call to action. Winter maintenance for your beloved two-wheeled companion is not merely a choice; it's a ritual that ensures a smooth transition from frosty silence to the exhilarating hum of spring rides. Watch Scott as he explains the reasons why winter maintenance is paramount for motorcycles and guide you with a list of things you must do to prepare your ride for the upcoming season.
Photo by Michael Lichter
Need to Escape the Cold?
Daytona is calling, and you don't want to miss the roar! The Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast and the Traditional Chopper Magazine Chopper Show are just around the corner, ready to set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Make sure to add these epic events to your to-do list, as Daytona Bike Week becomes the ultimate destination for chuggin' beers, talkin' gears, and soakin' up the warm weather!
Calculate your speed!
Speed isn't just about acceleration; it's about how seamlessly your entire drivetrain syncs with your throttle input. Calculating speed involves a deep understanding of your engine's capabilities and how it harmonizes with your riding style. It's the art of finding the sweet spot where power meets precision.
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Lube 'em up!
Choosing the correct fluid is paramount to ensuring the longevity and robustness of your drivetrain. That's why at BAKER, we highly recommend Spectro oils. With this exceptional oil, you don't have to worry about slipping your clutch or damaging your gears, ensuring optimum performance for your motorcycle.
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