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+1.5 Oil Pan

Keep your 2009-2016 Touring Model cool.  Todays Big Twin engine makes a lot more power and a lot more heat than its predecessor of 20 years ago. In 1993, the 80 CI Evo engine made 69 ft-lbs torque, according to online specs. In 2009, the 110 CVO engine made a claimed 115 ft-lbs torque. More torque equals more heat, but that’s just part of the story. The engine oil capacity of 4.0 quarts is unchanged from 1993 to present even though modern engines make a lot more power and a lot more heat. To the engineers at BAKER Drivetrain, this didn’t make much sense. Engine oil does two things. It lubricates metal-on-metal interfaces and carries heat away from hot spots like cylinder heads and the underside of the pistons. So BAKER’s +1.5 quart oil pan was designed to lower engine oil temperature by using a larger volume of oil to carry heat away from the hot engine.

Styling Details: Additional charges apply to diamond cut pans. To special order diamond cut oil pans, please contact us through the website chat, email us at, or call us Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM EST/EDT at 517-339-3835.

  • Each unit is pressure tested before shipping
  • 2-piece 6061-T6 aluminum construction with metal core gasket
  • Features cooling fins on bottom with highlighted finish
  • Co-planar baffle labyrinth design to channel oil through the pan
  • Clearanced in the rear for crossover exhaust pipe compatibility
  • Zero leak drain plugs for engine and transmission oil
  • Easy installation about 2 hours and no modification required
  • Works with aftermarket and OEM oil temperature sending units
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


  • Keep your engine cooler and reduce risk of overheating
  • Reduces the engine oil temperature by 16 degrees or more
  • 2009-2016 Touring Models (including Trike Models)*

*The 1.5 oil pan is not compatible with the S&S T series motors due to the width of our oil pan and the external routing of their oil lines.

    Finish Options

    The 1.5 has 3 finish options: gloss black, standard wrinkle black or granite for CVO models.


    Gloss Black Finish


    Wrinkle Black Finish


    CVO Granite Finish

     Anatomy Of A BAKER 1.5 Oil Pan

    The 2-piece pan design features a co-planar labyrinth to circulate hot oil from front to rear on the top level, and rear-to-front on the bottom level. The 2-piece construction was necessary because the bottom half being much wider than the gasket profile of the transmission case.


    Internal View

    Internal Fluid Flow


    Dynamic Road Test Temperature Readings

    Oil Temperature Readings
    On the "Dynamic Temp Readings" picture, the +1.5 oil pan was good for an average 16° reduction in engine oil temperature and a 20° reduction in stop and go traffic in sub-90° ambient Michigan temperatures. Note the engine oil temperature went up to 315° in the stop and go traffic segment with the stock pan. It is very bad for engine oil to go above 300°. Higher reductions in engine oil temperature with the +1.5 oil pan can be achieved in warmer ambient climates in the south. 

    1/2 Hour Static Temperature Test

    Most late model 2011 Big Twins, including our 2011 Road Glide, come with an oil cooler. The Factory oil cooler works very well when going down the road at highway speeds with air flow going over the heat exchanger but is marginally effective in stop and go traffic. The +1.5 oil pan is effective in reducing engine temperature on the highway or in traffic because it works through additional oil capacity, not a heat exchanger. To test this we did an static temperature test for a half hour on each pan while checking the temperature at 10 minute intervals . The +1.5  shows over a 9° difference compared to stock just at a stand still. 

    Pan Comparison
    The +1.5 pan oil capacity, up to the gasket surface, is 4.1 quarts. The stock pan oil capacity, up to the gasket surface, is 2.6 quarts. The side-by-side bottom view shows the comparative size difference. The +1.5 is 8.053″ wide, which is about 2 3/8″ wider than stock. To aid in cooling the +1.5 has cooling fins in the front and rear giving more surface area.  The installed pan comparison image really shows how the +1.5 completely fills the under carriage of the frame; looking like it was supposed to be that way from the factory.


    Side-By-Side Pan Comparison

    Installed Pan Comparison


    To realize maximum engine cooling benefit
    Install the +1.5 pan and fill the oil sump to 5.5 quarts (+1.5 quarts) to realize the maximum reduction in oil temperature. Oil fill level on the dipstick will read the same as stock. 

    To realize maximum oil blow-by reduction
    Oil blow-by on SE 110 engines is a chronic issue for aggressive riders. It is caused by the larger displacement engine building up pressure in the cam chest and the oil sump. This forces oil up the push rod tubes, out the head breathers, into the air cleaner and all over the right side of the bike. Harley tech line is advising dealers to run the stock oil sump 1 quart low to increase the volume of air in the sump. This corrects the blow-by issue but makes the oil temperature skyrocket. By running the +1.5 pan at .5 quarts over stock (4.5 quarts) the blow-by condition can be cured with a small improvement in oil temperature reduction. 

    Diamond Cut Option
    Cool your oil 12% faster by diamond cutting your +1.5 oil pan. We worked with Keith Brinton owner of “Diamond Heads” to increase cooling and give the customer a little personalized appearance to our pan. The look is created by making hundreds of cuts in the outer edge of the cooling fins. These cuts make the pan look fantastic because the cuts are placed at the perfect angle to reflect light which sparkle and shine. Secondly, they help the engine run cooler by adding surface area to the cooling fins and creating turbulence as you ride which forces more air on the cooling fins.


    Diamond Cut Fins Only, PN BD-1.5B-DCF


    Diamond Cut, Show Cut, PN BD-1.5B-DCS


    For more information on Diamond Heads: Click Here 

    The +1.5 will fit 2009-2016 Touring Models. 

    New PN Old PN Description
    BDB-1.503 BD-1.5B-B 1.5 Hog Black Pan, Highlighted
    BDB-1.507 BD-1.5B-CVO 1.5 Granite Coated Pan, Highlighted
    BDB-1.502 BD-1.5P 1.5 Show Polished Pan -Special Order Only-
    BDB-1.501 BD-1.5B-C 1.5 Chrome Pan -Special Order Only-
    BDB-1.50312 BD-1.5BB-DCF 1.5 Hog Black Pan, Diamond Cut Fins Only
    BDB-1.50712 BD-1.5CVO-DCF 1.5 Granite Coated Pan, Diamond Cut Fins Only
    BD-1.5B-DCS 1.5 Hog Black Pan, Diamond Cut Show Finish
    BD-1.5CVO-DCS 1.5 Granite Coated Pan, Diamond Cut Show Finish



    • Chrome and Polished pans are special order only, additional charges apply
    • Additional charges apply to diamond cut pans


      Standard Gear Case Finish Examples (Not applicable to all products)




      Wrinkle Black

      These example finishes are intended to show the exterior treatments of cases, top covers and doors.

      TERM AND CONDITIONS                                                                                         

      • BAKER Drivetrain reserves the right to change prices, terms or policies at any time without notice.
      • Orders can be pre-paid using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal.
      • All orders not pre-paid will be sent C.O.D. certified check or money order only unless pre-approved for company check acceptance.
      • Any orders from outside the USA must be pre-paid in US funds via wire transfer; a $30 transfer fee will apply.
      • Prices shown are F.O.B. Haslett, MI.


      BAKER™ transmission assemblies, transmission kits, primaries, and oil pans are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase or up to 50,000 miles. BAKER™ clutches, kicker cover kits, belt drives, F6F kit, reverse systems, covers and accessories are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase or up to 24,000 miles - whichever occurs first. If the product is found by BAKER™ to be defective, such products will, at the option of BAKER™, be replaced or repaired at cost to BAKER™. 

      In the event warranty service is required, the original purchaser must call or write BAKER™ immediately with a description of the problem. If it is deemed necessary for BAKER™ to make an evaluation to determine whether the transmission assembly or transmission kit or accessory is defective, the entire transmission assembly, whether originally purchased as an assembly or kit, must be properly packaged and returned prepaid to BAKER™ with a copy of the original invoice of purchase. If after an evaluation has been made by BAKER™ and a defect in materials and/or workmanship is found, BAKER™  will, at BAKER™  option, repair or replace the defective part of the assembly. 


      Due to the uniqueness, low price and assembly outside of typical production process of products indicated as Insider Special products, purchasing these Insider Special products include a warranty so to guarantee the original purchaser to be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase or up to 12,000 miles. We have provided extended options for you to purchase below. 


      Any merchandise returned for any reason (exchange, credit or modification) must be accompanied by a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number or it will be refused. Call BAKER™ to obtain this number prior to returning goods for any reason. There is a 15% re-stocking fee for all returned items. BAKER™ is not liable for any shipping charges. 


      NOTE: Limited warranty does not cover labor or other costs or expenses incidental to the repair and or replacement of BAKER™ products.

      This warranty does not apply if one or more of the following situations is judged by BAKER™ to be relevant: BAKER™ OEM transmissions; (these are subject to the OEM manufactures warranty only), Improper installation, accident, modification (including but not limited to use of unauthorized parts, transmission oils or lubricants), racing, high performance application, mishandling, misapplication, neglect (including but not limited to improper maintenance), or improper repair. 

      BAKER™ shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising out of or in connection with a BAKER™ transmission assembly, transmission kit, component or part. Consequential damages shall include without limitation, loss of use, income or profit, or losses sustained as the result of injury (including death) to any person or loss of or damage to property.

      BAKER™ transmissions, transmission kits and accessories are designed exclusively for use in American V-Twin motorcycles. BAKER™ shall have no warranty or liability obligation if BAKER™ parts are used in any other application.

      If it is determined that a BAKER™ product has been disassembled during the warranty period for any reason, this limited warranty will no longer apply unless you were instructed to do so by a BAKER Drivetrain technician for diagnostic purposes.

      The words H-D®, Softail®, FXR®, Dyna®, FLT®, FLH®, Sportster®, and Buell® are registered trademarks and are for reference only.

      +1.5 Oil Pan
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      +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan +1.5 Oil Pan

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      john l.
      United States

      +1.5 Oil Pan

      A 1 quality as expected from Baker. With other upgrades on my Twin Cam to cool it down this helped.

      Douglas L.
      United States

      1.5 oil pan

      I bought this to bring oil temp. down so far seems to do the trick have not taken a long trip in high temps yet will do this year but so far I am pleased with my purchase

      Andrew T.
      United States

      Oil Pan Upgrade

      I had the shop do the install and took them about 3 hours vs. the 2 in the instructions. I would imagine that is from the fine folks at Baker doing this day in and day out. They said it was a pretty straight forward job. I've only had the new 1.5 oil pan on for a few weeks and the weather has been too horrible to get out to truly test it. So far I've experienced a somewhat cooler engine, but would have to ride it a bit more to truly give a good impression. Everyone I've talked to wants my impression of how it works and are vey impressed with the engineering that went into it.

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