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June 19, 2023

Featured Dealer of the Month - Motorcycle Clinic

 Kissimmee, Florida

Phone: (407) 846-7508



Michelle: Could you please give me an introduction to yourself and what your role is at the shop?

Bryan: I am Bryan Montoya. I started here on May 31, 2012. I am the vice president of the Motorcycle Clinic.


Michelle: I saw that you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary! What’s the key to having a successful business for 50 years?

Bryan: The biggest key that we’ve always tried to focus on, and this comes from Brian Dady (president of Motorcycle Clinic), is chasing the service and not the dollar. I think that’s one of the major things that we see other shops always are fighting an uphill battle is They don’t know where to balance that. Of course you’re a business and business has to make money but if the service is the first and upmost thing that you chase, everything will fall into line afterwards. I think a lot of people don’t grasp that. The most important task to grasp is outstanding customer service and go from there.

Michelle: What does your shop specialize in? Do you work on any specific motorcycle or year group?

Bryan: We are very unique. We do work on the metrics, but I would say 75-80% of the motorcycles here are Harley-Davidson motorcycles. For example, a lot of customers come to us, we service, repair, and sometimes refurbish to make the bike to its original state. We work on bikes as old as flatheads, knuckles, pans, and evos. We specialize in a lot of those things. Those are for our vintage stuff. We are an engine building facility here. We have an in-house machine shop, we have an in house dyno tuning center. We’re kind of like a very large umbrella, where some shops have to send a lot of things out. There are certain things, depending on business volume, that we need to lean on vendors, but most of the things are done in house. We’re in touch with the product from the beginning to the end. So all the engine builds, as of lately we’ve been focusing on a lot of M8s and Twin Cams. Everything we build, we tune in house.

Michelle: What is your favorite custom build that has come out of your shop?

Bryan: It’s hard to say, because there’s so many different genres we’ve built. If we build a Knucklehead or a Shovelhead, it’s gorgeous in its own way and at that time, it’s our favorite, but then we’ve done major bagger builds and café racers… we’ve done so many, they all become favorites because they’re like customer bikes. And if they’re winning and bringing home first place at shows, they all become favorites. As a matter of fact, we’ve entered many Rats Hole shows. Near the end of the Rats Hole shows, they had Mr. Dady guest judging at the shows. This was prior to Covid, we were at the shows in Florida and Leesburg as well. We have many of the trophies lined up on the wall here. We have the latest ones with the rat standing on the block of cheese, so that’s pretty cool.

Michelle: What is your favorite bike your shop has built with a BAKER product in it?

Bryan: We did a CVO 131” build that came in from another shop with a Big Bore Kit. There was damage done and it was a crazy situation, but they had the other shop bring the bike to our shop in boxes. We typically don’t allow situations like this, but the customer was in a pickle and he wanted a bigger build, so we decided to take on the task. So that’s when we used the BAKER GrudgeBox kit. That one was really fun because we basically got to take everything apart and replace everything. He has been extremely happy with your GrudgeBox. He is very hard on the bike and that transmission is holding very well. So we’re really happy with that.

I would say that’s probably one of our latest fun builds that he gives it hell and all the components have held up and he’s always in touch with us and always raves about how much happier he is with this build compared to how it was prior.

Michelle: What are your favorite BAKER products?

Bryan: Definitely the GrudgeBox. It’s what we’ve been using a lot lately. When it comes to the drivetrain side, we always go to BAKER first because you guys have been there for a very long time. We have had a long relationship. Being 50 years in business and you guys being 25 years, we lean on you guys because you guys are the experts when it comes to this stuff. We use your products and as long as your products keep up their end of the bargain, which they do, it makes us look like a million dollars. So, we like to go with tried and true and well researched and developed products, and that’s coming from BAKER.

Michelle: Thank you very much. We appreciate your support. My next question would be who started Motorcycle Clinic?

Bryan: Finis Oakley opened the doors of Motorcycle Clinic. He brought Mr. Dady in at a very young age and so Mr. Dady has pretty much been there since the beginning. Later, Mr. Dady took over. He started a year into the opening of the shop.

Some random information about the shop, but something cool we worked on many years ago… you’ve heard of Universal Studios? It was years ago, but do you recall the Terminator 2 3-D ride? You know the Fatboy that Arnold Schwarzenegger character rides on that movie? We were a part of building, creating, and assisting on that bike.

We are also involved in court cases. They use our expertise in cases involving motorcycles. So we’ll use the dynamometer to test certain units to assist the court in what limitations or what performance can and cannot be produced by that motorcycle. Whatever they need for the case, we assist in. We’ve done a couple of those, so those were really cool.

We’re also very proud to say that we service our local Kissimmee police department’s bikes. That’s something we take a lot of pride in and make sure those boys are safe and doing their jobs out there.

Michelle: Wow! You guys pretty much do it all!

Bryan: Yes, we kind of do. Oh! And the last tidbit I have is, is that one of the things we’ve noticed that a lot of other shops are not doing is, helping the lady riders out there. We’re getting a huge influx of lady riders. And one of the things that we get from lady riders is the complaints of other places about how they were treated badly. Now when I say treated bad, it’s not necessarily that they were treated bad, but they are treated as if they have zero knowledge. So when a lady comes, if I see that she’s new then we give her the red carpet, like any customer, gender shouldn’t matter when they’re a rider.  More and more lady riders are coming to our shop because we take the time to explain things thoroughly. There’s a lot more ladies who know details about their bikes, than men that come into the shop. I think that a lot of shops are missing the target on helping a lot of new female riders that are coming to this side of motorcycling.

Check out this great review from a lady rider:


Michelle: Do you host any events? If so, what is the biggest or most important event?

Bryan: That’s another cool thing, as of lately, it’s been so crazy, we have not been. But I’ll tell you some cool stuff. There’s an area near here called Old Town. It’s kind of a large area that has a lot of shops. So many years ago, they used to host a bike night, but it shut down. I ended up reaching out to one the board of directors because the property management didn’t want to hear about it and I just had an idea to have a better organized bike event on Thursday nights there. So the board of directors actually received my email and called me down for a meeting and they allowed us to bring back the bike night. However, it was under strict guidelines and contract. If our name was going to be on it, I wanted to make sure it was going to be done right and appropriate. It was really cool, we had a VIP section for guys that wanted to show off their bikes, that we charged $5 for. Every other spot was free. We also had stunt shows at the event. The first event was about 700 bikes, the second was 1200, and the max we got to was 1700 bikes. It was amazing! Long story short, the property management hated us and hated motorcycles so they ended up messing up the event and we got out of the contract.

In the last couple of years, it’s been so crazy busy. And also it’s hard to find great help because we won’t sacrifice our service, so if we can’t find the right people, we can’t grow. We keep it small, we can keep it in control, and we can keep our guidelines meeting what we have to have, but that means that we don’t have time to develop these fun things on the side. But yes, we have been apart of those things.


Michelle: Any other cool news about the shop, besides your 50th anniversary?

Bryan: The cool news is, we’re breathing and keeping going forward. We’re constantly busy. We’re typically about 2-3 weeks out on a lot of medium sized projects. And the cool news is that we’re going forward and not stopping.

Michelle: What does American made mean to you?

Bryan: American made, what it means to us is it keeps American business going forward and going strong and that is something that this country needs more than ever. There’s so many outside companies that are getting involved and these outside companies don’t have as high of standards as American made companies do. And that has to be one of the most important things to focus is to support, good American made products and American owned companies because it invests in our own country.

Michelle: What is the best way for a new customer to contact you?

Bryan: Give us a call! If they can’t get ahold of us over the phone, send us an email through our website.

Michelle: Anything else you’d like to add?

Bryan: We appreciate the products that you put out. The reason your products put up to all the abuse that our customers throw at it, you guys are apart of our reputation because your products don’t let our customers down. I know customers that have logged hundreds of thousands of miles with BAKER products that we have installed personally. BAKER is part of what keeps our reputation strong.




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