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December 14, 2016 News Archive
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Gerry's BAKERy: Classic Case Of All-In To Go All-Out...

...and he's cashing in on all he can. Gerry wrote us a blurb about his experience so far in this endeavor that he committed to and we thought we'd share with you.

Gerry's BAKERy - Baker Custom Bike Parts

My BAKER-Story…

BAKER Drivetrain and I got in touch in 2009, through my website At that time, I ran my shop in part time in an old unheated barn, outside Hildesheim / Germany.

After I did an install report for about the BAKER 6into4 in my old mighty Shovel, people came asking if they could order those BAKER products directly from me. – The rest is history.

Today I run my shop in full time as the BAKER Drivetrain specialized Dealership “Gerry’s BAKERy” in a nice (heated) place directly in Hildesheim. Beside taking care of the BAKER-Business I do regular bike works and sell aftermarket parts for Harleys. is still online and the biggest pre-Evo-Community over here. A few years ago I decided to separate the business from that community-website and run it as “Gerry’s BAKERy” ( instead. It stands for my focus on BAKER Drivetrain products. Meanwhile I am the single point of contact for many bike shops in Germany, Switzerland and Austria when it comes to BAKER parts and products, either new products in any configuration, spare parts or, in unlikely cases, repairs. Bike shop owners over here are happy to have “a local BAKER-guy” to talk to, so they don’t have a hassle with a language barrier, time difference, custom declarations and all the other funny stuff and they are glad to get their support the easy way. – The BAKERy became kind of a hub between European customers and the BAKER Drivetrain Factory in the USA. You can also find me on shows and fairs putting the BAKER Products on display and being “the local BAKER-guy” for any customer belongings over here.

We are just back from the Custombike Show, the biggest show for modified bikes over here, where I had the new BAKER GrudgeBox on display. I was really honoured to help evaluate the GrudgeBox and try to rape it at full throttle on the Autobahn. – Couldn’t break it, though.

Baker Drivetrain Team Illustration