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September 16, 2022

Release #31 - September 2022

FXR Division - Phoenix, Arizona
BAKER Drivetrain Dealer Since 2013

FXR Division, out of Phoenix, was established in 2013 when Justin Coleman of Torch Industries and Chris Staab of Foundry Moto wanted to create a company that gave them the ability to freely create and to help push the industry forward. Justin and Chris both have a long history in the V-twin Industry as custom builders and build bikes that are anything but typical. They don't just buy bolt-on parts, they custom fabricate their own parts to attain the exact look that they strive for. They launched their customized parts line with their FXRP Bags, Split MX Bars, and Split Angle Bars. Their customized products include FXR-compatible parts and products that fit baggers to make them look like FXRs. Most of their customizations have turned into production parts and are proudly made in the USA. Check out Scott’s interview with Justin at Born Free 13 to see some of their builds!

Check out Justin & Chris' custom builds
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BAKER Burnout Drags

BAKER Drivetrain originally established the Burnout Drags at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the 2008 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This annual event grew quickly and was moved to the county line from 2010-2014 with Jay Allen as the MC. Over the years we've had everyone from Rick Petko to Bill Dodge from Blings Cycles to Patrick Garvin to Jerry Covington from Covington's Customs and many more competing in the Burnout Drags. Our Annual Free Drag Racing event at the Sturgis Dragway replaced the Burnout Drags temporarily beginning with the 2015 rally.

In 2019, Cycle Source Magazine saw the perfect opportunity to bring the event back in full force at the Iron Horse Saloon in Sturgis. After bringing the event back to Sturgis, we decided to bring the Burnout Drags to the Smokeout Rally in Salisbury, North Carolina. The Burnout Drags will take place on Saturday, September 10 at 7 pm EST in the burnout pit.


BAKER High Torque Bearing Kit

The 34091-85 inner bearing race has been used on Big Twins since 1985. The inner primary bearing rides on this race. By design, this race is press-fit onto the transmission mainshaft. This system works fine for stock engines. The stock inner bearing race becomes useless when you have over 100+ HP because the strength of the engine will cause the race to walk. The BAKER High Torque Bearing Kit eliminates lateral walking of the mainshaft race, eliminates oil leaks, and eases serviceability. This kit replaces the 34091-85 inner bearing race in 1985-2007 Big Twin applications.

Learn more about our High Torque Bearing Kit


How to Remove a Walked Inner Race Without Damaging the Mainshaft

The last thing anyone wants to see under their bike is a glistening puddle of oil. If you see fluid seeping from around the maindrive gear seal, this could be a sign of a walked inner race. This most commonly occurs with a high output motor or if the chain tensioner is too tight. There are some telltale signs when this begins to happen. Initially, the inner race will slide down the mainshaft and damage the maindrive gear oil seal, causing your transmission to leak. As the inner race walks further down the mainshaft, the maindrive gear bearing will be damaged.

Before fixing the source of the problem, you will want to properly remove your inner race. Removing a walked inner race can be difficult to do without damaging any other component of the transmission. While there are many 'creative' tips and tricks out there for removing a walked inner race, watch our tried and true BAKER Gearhead techniques here.

Learn this technique



Born-Free Texas Edition Buy now, pay later with Affirm!
The founders of the original Born-Free Motorcycle Show, based out of California, are heading to Texas for the first annual Born-Free Texas Edition! Ride on down to the Yellow Rose Canyon Campground on October 22-23, 2022 to see the most unique gathering of custom and vintage motorcycles Texas has ever seen. The BAKER Drivetrain sponsored event features dirt track racing, a bike show, bands, vendors, a swap meet, nighttime activities, and more! BAKER Drivetrain now offers Affirm as a form of payment. Financing with Affirm can make your drivetrain dreams come true with a payment plan that best suits you.
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